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Started January 19th


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Started the program after my work travel finished up this month. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2007 and immediately put on tons of medication. After a few years I grew tired of the side effects and searched for alternative solutions. I changed my diet and have been in remission (without any medication) for about 3 years.


I wanted to try Whole 30 since I started CF two years ago but I was too big of a chicken. Just recently, I planned a wedding, bought a house and started a new job. The stress brought me crumbling to my knees. I was drinking too much wine and not paying attention to what went into my mouth. After living a month with joint pain, shingles, allergic reactions to foods I wasn't normally consuming, and good old depression I knew something needed to change.


I read "It Starts WIth Food" over the holiday season and have never been more motivated. I'm excited for this journey and am positive it will come with a great outcome.


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