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What Activity/ies Would Count for PWO meals?


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I am through my Whole30 in October (awesome!) and am now trying to adapt it into my lifestyle for good.  My question is, during my Whole30, I always have a pre/post work out meal.  Now that I am not as strict, I was wondering if I should still be eating mini meals pre-post work out, even if they are not intense.  Typical work outs for me are:

- 45 minutes of weights w/ 5 min treadmill work out

- Spinning (that is intense)

- 2 mile jog/run

-75 minutes walk

-90 minute walk


Any advice would be great! Thanks,



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It's really up to how depleted your body is following a workout.  Both during and after a Whole30.  If you're just walking the dog for 75 minutes, you probably don't need one.  Spinning you probably do.  Experiment.

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I don't eat a pre-workout meal unless I am hungry. I eat a can of tuna after a workout if I lift weights or do something intense like Spiderman crawl 5-9 minutes. I don't eat a post-workout meal for a quick run, a long walk, or yoga. 

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