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Mariana's Log


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Day 2: (I couldn't figure my computer out yesterday, tragedy of being a broke college student)

Breakfast: 2 slices smoked salmon

2 fried egg in coconut oil

1 cup blueberries

10 almonds

Lunch: 2 cups spinach mix

6 oz chicken breast diced

4 carrots

1/2 medium cucumber

1 tbsp olive oil

Dinner: 6 oz steak (cooked in coconut oil and salt only)

Coconut oil stir fry green beans

1 cup strawberry


20 almonds throughout day

1/2 sweet potato

3/4 cup blueberries

I'm honest surprised at how strange this is. My life without my daily caramel swirl latte with skim is empty but I feel better in a way. The only down side is that I caught a bad cold... Booooo. Still I'm going to do some lifts and box jumps at crossfit today so hopefully I can sweat out some sick.

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Day 3: (Being stuck in my dorm sick is the absolute worst, but at least that means I don't have to go to Psychobio today)


Breakfast/Lunch (I woke up at 12:45):

1 sweet potato, baked

2 small oranges

3 slices of smoked salmon

Handful of almonds and nuts



As much sancocho as I can possibly want (in case you're wondering it's a traditional Colombian soup made of chicken, chicken broth, potatoes, and yuca)


I'll admit it's a lot harder to not want to eat when you're just sitting in your bed all day, but all my food is good for me, so I don't have a second of hesitation that if I'm truly hungry, I'm gonna eat.


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