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RunningBear's First 30


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1/21 Day One - Shoulda read the whole book!  Eggs in ghee for breakfast, black coffee, water water water water. Chicken breast, green beans and cabbage for lunch.  Chili with beans (FAIL) for dinner.  Shoulda read the whole book!  Feel great!


1/22 Day One - Coffee for bfast, nosh on nuts carrots, water water water water, early dinner of cube steak over roasted spaghetti squash.  Used plenty of ghee.  Made almond milk.  Eh.  Gonna try to add some vanilla bean in the next batch.  Feel good


1/23 Day Two - Coffee with almond milk.  Still not right.  Other cube steak for bfast, why not?  Nosh on nuts, carrots.  water water water.  V8 juice?  Need to find out if that is ok.  I hope so....BRB.


OK, so my post below allows V8 on rare occasions.  I am not replacing the veggies with a drink.  


1/23 continued - Day Two - Lunch was chicken breast in ghee with green beans.  Yum.  not sure about dinner yet.  I have some shrimp caught yesterday on ice.  Wanna try sweet potato hash.  Need some onions.  Put that on my list.  


More to come.

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From the Can I have...page.


According to the technicality of the rules, any smoothie or juice (as long as it included approved fruits and vegetables) are allowed. We discourage against fruit smoothies or drinking your vegetables for a number of reasons, but it’s just a recommendation, not a rule.

If your blended drinks are mostly veggies, and are included in addition to the vegetables and fruits you are eating with meals, I don’t have any issue with you including these as part of your regular diet. Sounds like you are just using them to get a little extra nutrition in your day, not in place of actually eating your greens.

- See more at: http://whole30.com/2013/06/the-official-can-i-have-guide-to-the-whole30/#sthash.bbPkypXn.dpuf


OK, in extreme moderation.



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