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Loving the Whole30


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My name's Michelle and I am at day 9 on the Whole 30. I have been blogging on the forum but in the welcome section and then realised I should do it in the log.

I haven't blogged my last 2 days food so here goes:


Brekky - Poached eggs, avocado, mushrooms in olive oil

Lunch - Pork belly, mashed pumpkin and sweet potato, baby spinach

Dinner - Sausages, mushrooms cooked in butter with garlic and chill, baby spinach


Brekky - Mushrooms cooked in butter, avocado with lemon (got these at my local organic Sunday markets, they were scrummy, but I forgot to get protein. Oh well).

Lunch - Pear and Walnut salad (pear, walnut, rocket, avocado, tomato, cucumber) with pork

Dinner - Lime chicken with avocado salsa

What I'm finding with the Whole30

  • I used to throw meals together without paying much attention but now I've really been enjoying paying attention to cooking and the eating. It has a way of slowing me down rather than racing around (only to sit in front of the tv).
  • I love going to my local organic markets on a Sunday, I'm only there for half an hour but it is a much lovelier way to shop then going to a big supermarket.....although I still need to go there for bits and pieces.
  • I find it easier to resist snacking too much (although I have been doing a bit of snacking on nuts) I think this is partly because the meals are all really satisfying.
  • Cooking with oil is still a bit of a challenge for me, not that I don't do it, but that it is so ingrained that it is bad for me. Hopefully that feeling will continue to drop away.
  • I'm not sure I like coconut oil or coconut flour. I am trying to still use it, just not as much.
  • I won't be surprised if I give up coffee as I get further into the whole30. Black coffee just doesn't cut it.

Shopping wise, I can't believe how many things have sugar in them. Finally found Fish Sauce without any sweeteners (or other additives) but it seems all Almond Milk has some sort of sweetener added.

On to tomorrow. Have a great day everyone. Oh, and just because I am really excited about it. Spring is on the way here in Australia, I am so excited. So not a fan of cold weather.


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Hello fellow Aussie

But from the other side of the country....WA

At teast we are almost on the same time zone

I am also on day 9 but think I will do more than 30

I just re read the book and need to tighten up a bit

Instead of starting over I will do 39 days as I havnt really eaten any wrong food it's more about too much snacking on nuts or eating fruit as a snack

Keeping a log will be good for me

Breakfast today...2 eggs and 2 fritters

Lunch started early with veggie sticks and salmon dip,then smoked trout and half a swat potato

Snack...apple and too many nuts

Dinner more sweet potato and chicken

More nuts

NO NUTS tomorrow

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Thanks SarahG, I have tried a few organic grocers but will also look for some health food stores. Other than that I might try making my own.

Today's Day 10 and I'm not sure my body is following the Whole30 timeline that closely but I guess that doesn't matter too much. Had mega cravings last night (can't remember what they were for now). I felt a bit frustrated by this, cravings and emotional eating have been a real hurdle for me in the past. I'm hoping over time that Whole30 will support me in moving past them. I did read in another post about the Whole30 being a way to redefine how you think about food and I'm hoping that it will do just that.

I've ordered 'It starts with food' but it hasn't arrived yet. Seems most people read it first but I only decided to do this about 48 hours before I started after reading the website and thinking that the philosophy behind it was just what I'm after.I think I picked a winner.

Today's food - the most of eaten yet I think but I was pretty hungry particularly towards the end of the day:

  • Brekky: 2 chicken and spinach sausages (yum), avocado
  • Mid morning: handful of strawberries, carrots and a little guacamole (it was my bosses birthday so we had a morning tea and man were those jelly beans tempting. I had to walk past them multiple times during the day and ended up moving them. There was something about the lovely colours of them that my eyes kept gravitating to.
  • Lunch: left over lime chicken from last night with salad, a little pear and avo
  • Snack: too many nuts. I got fairly hungry about 4.30pm and got stuck into them. Bit of left over pork belly.
  • Dinner: Grilled salmon, salad.

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It's only 6 pm herd but so far not one...

But after dinner is the bad time,so hold thumbs..it helps that I have committed in writing

Actually so far it's been a good day.I always get hungry at 5 pm so I had some veggie soup

I cook a huge pot and have it for lunch when no time to cook.it helps that late afternoon hunger

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Day 11 - my hunger is peaking a bit and I am hungry within 4 hours of a meal even though I haven't changed anything since I started (and I was getting hungry spot on at the 5 hour mark). So today I had 2 snacks, 1 on fruit and the other on nuts. I think the plan for tomorrow is to take extra protein (sausages maybe) and some ago into work and if I get hungry I'll have a mini meal instead of nuts and fruit.

I've also had some of the old yearnings return for food, they aren't exactly cravings because there isn't anything in particular I'm after. Just a desire to eat. They weren't too strong though and I just reminded myself about why I'm doing the Whole30 and the potential benefits of it. I also just distracted myself with other things.

Todays menu:

Brekky: 2 x Sausage and Avo

Snack: grapes and strawberries

Lunch: Grilled Salmon, salad, pear, avo and some nuts (because I was still a little hungry)

Snack: Cashews

Dinner: Moroccan Meatballs and salad (spinach, tomato, cucumber and sunflower sprouts). Haven't had this yet but am looking forward to the meatballs, the recipe is from Melicious (http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2009/03/05/mmmmm-moroccan-meatballs/).

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I hear what you are saying about wanting somthing to eat.this afternoon I wasn't hungry and I wasn't craving just wanted something

Have you tried herbal tea,seems to help me.I went into T2and got a lot of samples of flavoured black tea,chai,and herbal tea

Word of warning, check what's in them as some have sugar

I am currently eating my veg soup as dinner is far away

Still no nuts...day2

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So just finished the Moroccan meatballs and they were yum. Cracked an egg in it towards the end of cooking which was just divine. This was my favourite dish when I travelled around Morocco a couple of years ago. so glad I found a recipe for it

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Hi Sarah, I have bought some herbal tea and might try that tomorrow. Today when I was looking for something without being hungry I was actually driving in the car....at least that is a distraction :)

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Haven't logged for a couple of days so here goes.

Breakfast: 2 x sausages and avo

Lunch: Moroccan meatball stew and salad, nuts

Snack: Nuts

Snack: Apple (while waiting for dinner to cook)

Dinner: Lime Chicken, avo salsa and salad

Breakfast: Zucchini and sweet potato fritter with 2 x poached eggs

Snack: HB egg and avo

Lunch: chicken salad with cashews

Snack: Nuts

Snack: 1 x sausage

Dinner: Lamb meatball tagine (haven't had this yet but it is from my favourite restaurant, rang up to make sure there's no flour and sugar in it and got the affirmative).

So, I've been feeling really hungry the last couple of days, also craving carbs. Kept visualising a chicken sandwich when I was thinking about lunch today instead of my chicken sandwich. I'm eating more because I'm hungry but also to make the cravings go away. Not sure I have lost any weight yet which is disappointing. Starting to stress about not losing weight on this 30 days.

On a positive note, I have stopped drinking coffee. I don't enjoy black coffee and the coconut milk doesn't do much for me so I have been gradually dropping off my consumption. I do miss the milkiness of a cappuccino but am pretty happy overall not to have a coffee. I've substituted for peppermint and also green tea instead.

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Hi mich

I too was thinking of carbs today,for me it was rice

I had a really nice lunch,waldorf salad with tuna but was hungry two hours later so had to have some soup

It's funny I also felt today that I havnt lost any weight and in fact am a bit afraid to weigh myself at the end

Maybe i should thry loose the scale obsession

Good on you giving up coffee.I don't think I could do that.I quite like black coffee

I was surprised when the food cravings re surfaced today so interested to hear that you felt the same

Hope tomorrow is better

Are you doing any exercise?

I just havnt felt up to it and thought it was low energy from lack of carbs.

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So another good day today. For the third time this week there was a morning tea at work but I stuck to a few strawberries which I'm pretty happy with. It was hard though as the food was lying around for most of the day. Quite hungry again today so had extra protein at lunch. Also couldn't quite eat my breakfast when I made it this morning, I could barely look at it. Ended up putting it in a container and taking it to work and had a bit of a late brekky. A couple of peppermint teas today in place of the coffee which I am really enjoying.

Food for today:

  • Brekky - 2 poached eggs, avocado and a zucchini and sweet potato fritter
  • Snack - strawberries
  • Lunch - Chicken, salad and avo
  • Snack - Nuts ( just can't stay away from them)
  • Dinner - Lamb chops and asparagus cooked in a little oil

Hey Sarah, coffee was easy to give up for me in the end, a big part of my enjoyment of it was the creaminess of the milk and without that I just didn't enjoy it. To be honest, I'm not really missing it. Waldorf salad sounds great, I'll have to add that to my list of lunch ideas.

I have started some exercise this week, just a couple of 30 minutes walk. I also start back at Bikram Yoga on Monday night. I've had about 5 weeks away from it but have been missing it. So I'll try and do that 3-4 times a week and do some walking as well. I have a trip to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam at the end of the year and need to get my fitness up a little for that.

I think losing the scale obsession is a good idea. I gave up the scales about a year ago, I was putting to much focus on it and what it said really affected my mood. You'll be able to tell if you lose weight by your clothes. After yesterday being a bit down about not losing weight, today I feel like I may have. Worth persevering. Went out for drinks after work today, so wanted a cocktail but stuck to soda and fresh lime. Glad I did.

Hope your day has been good.

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Hi mich

Woke up so happy.slept really well.

I have been waking before my alarm the past few days and feeling so good

Today was the first time I managed to eat and enjoy lasts nights leftovers ...salmon fishcakes and veggies

Something i never thought I could do

Good on you not breaking down and having a cocktail

I have a hard weekend ahead....party tonight and dinner tomorrow at a restuarant

The menu at both is very non compliant so I will be doing like you and drinking soda water and eating salad

My husband thinks it's funny as he says i always come home and eat

Good for you going back to exercise

I havnt been so good with nuts...had a few today but at least I didn't over do it

Have a good weekend

Eat well

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Today went pretty well. Did my meat shopping for the week and got the shock of my life at the price but then realised the chicken breast (organic and pastured chooks) were gigantic. I'll freeze some of it for next week (and maybe the week after).

Todays food:

Brekky: 1 x sausage, 2 eggs some avo. Felt a bit too full after this, might try one egg next time.

Snack: almonds

Lunch: 1 x egg, pork belly, spinach, cucumber, avo (I am scrapping the barrel of the veges in my fridge)

Dinner: Lamb, broccoli and carrot.

I did have the smallest lick of a chocolate cake batter my nephew was making, I did it before I realised while I was cleaning up the kitchen. It was the teeniest amount so I won't worry about it. Feeling like I generally have more energy today which is great.

Sarah, glad to hear that you are waking up feeling good. That's great. It is interesting how some of your habits and preferences just seem to change. I am also getting more used to a cooked brekky in the morning. I so missed toast when I started. Hope your weekend of parties and dinners go well. I am probably going out to lunch with my Dad, brother and his family for Fathers Day. We are going to a steak house so it should be pretty easy to get something compliant although I'm finding I don't have many options when I'm out which is a little frustrating.

Enjoy your parties and weekend.


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Hi mich

Ypur eating looks so good

I woulnt worry about one small lick...it's amazing how much unconscious eating we do

I had two eggs and some cooked veggies for breakfast

Then wea hungy at 12so had more cooked veggies....pumpkin sweet potato

Then lunch late as we are going out for a late dinner...had a yummy waldorf salad

I managed to eat ok at the party last night

Wander wha the restuarant is going to be like tonight

I think my friends think I am crazy...all they know is that I have gone off sugar.

Then tomorrow it's breakfast out but I will have eggs so thts ok

And then Monday night another restaurant meal.I was in charge of that booking so chose I fish restuarant

Easier than Indian or Thai

Enjoy your fathers lunch

I can't believe we are halfway .it seems so much easier than the first week

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Today was still a good day although a little bit of a struggle to stay on track. I stayed compliant but found my self snacking quite a bit, was tempted to buy some blueberries when shopping but realised I was really just after a bit of a sugar hit so decided against them. Lunch was out at a pub for with the family for Fathers day. It was a bit of a struggle after sending the meal back to get a salad without dressing and prawns without the bernaise sauce. Neither request worked so I just ate the chicken and avo and left the salad.

Brekky: 2 x eggs and avo

Morning tea: mushrooms in butter and ago (was really quite hungry despite brekky only being a couple of hours previous)

Snack: Almonds

Lunch: Chicken and avo

Snack: Macadamias

Dinner: Salmon cakes, salad, homemade mayo (all from ISWF and all yummy)

Hey Sarah, glad to hear it is getting easier for you. I think generally it is for me too although today was a bit of a challenge.

Hope your brekky went well. I saw in your other post that you resisted dessert. Good for you. It would be so easy on the spur of the moment to go off track.


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Meals of the day were:

Brekky - Poached eggs, mushrooms cooked in olive oil and avocado plus a black coffee

Lunch - Poached chicken, green beans with preserved lemon and macadamias, black coffee

Dinner - Green chicken curry with some extra greens.

Today went pretty well given I ate out twice. Breakfast was pretty easy. I did have a coffee for the first time in several days. While I said before that I don't really like black coffee I really enjoyed the one today. Lunch was a bit harder, the restaurant I went to didn't really have much on the menu that was compliant. My chicken dish came on a bed of some sort of legumes but I just left that to the side.

Have decided today to forgo nuts for the remainder of my Whole30. I am snacking on them much more than I need to hunger wise and actually ate a couple of handfuls before going to bed last night. I really want to get out of the habit of snacking so for the next couple of weeks no nuts for me. I went without them today and it was fine.

Thanks for your support Donna.

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Hi mich

It's interesting that we can start enjoying black coffee

I used to only have black before soy milk was around,as i don't drink milk

I am joining you on the nuts ban.the last few days I have been so bad again.i wander why.it not hunger or craving but I think for me it's filling the gaps from snacking on other noncompliant foods so I really have to stop all nuts .

One of my goals is to stop the snacking .

Have a good day....18 i think for you and me

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