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Sarah, I agree about the coffee. Having an occasional cup and really savouring it is the way to go for me. Bought another one yesterday at work but couldn't stop to enjoy it, in the end I really only drank a quarter of it. The nut ban didn't start for me yesterday, I should have got rid of them and instead snacked on them multiple times. My energy has taken a bit of a dive and I was looking for things to boost me.

So I'm taking the nuts I have at home to work today and put them and the ones in my draw at work to the kitchen so people can help themselves to them.

Turning to food between meals and when I'm not hungry is such a habit and is something that I think the Whole30 can help me with. Snacking is a bit of an avoidance strategy for me for a whole lot of things (it is definitely that effect that Melissa and Dallas talk about of food being able to lower the stress levels, numb things down a bit). While I don't think I have major issues in my life using food to cope with things is definitely a crutch I use want too much. I'm looking forward to what the Whole30 will bring when I'm not snacking.

Food for yesterday:

Brekky - salmon cakes, mayo and some baby spinach and sunflower sprouts

Lunch - chicken green curry with some extra greens thrown in. Nuts

Snack - Nuts

Dinner - Sausages and mayo

Snack - Nuts

No greens at dinner or veges of any kind. I was really tired and had been looking for comfort food all day and veges weren't in the picture. So today I'm going to ramp up a bit on the protein and fats and see if that helps. I'll also have a pre Bikram Yoga mini meal as maybe that is part of the problem. I can't eat too close to a Bikram class as it will make me feel ill in class so am going to try and egg about an hour out from class and see how that goes.

Donna, Sarah and Debbie, thanks for your support, it is fabulous and truly makes a difference to my day.

Have a good day everyone

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I so agree about the snacking

I think I eat from boredom

I used to eat packets of gum..while driving and in the evening

Evenings are my worst .

I am pretty busy all day,never sit down and then at night I plop on the couch exhausted to read or watch tv and eat,

Now I eat nuts in the evening

But last night I didn't have any

What if you divided the nuts into small packets and ate one packet each day

For me it's better if I have none

Good luck

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Today's meals.

  • Brekky - poached eggs x 2, sausage, pork belly
  • Lunch - green chicken curry, baby spinach and sunflower sprouts
  • Pre-yoga meal - poached eggs x 2 plus a teaspoon of coconut oil (straight from the jar)
  • Dinner - Moroccan meatballs with a poached egg, baby spinach and sunflower sprouts.

No nuts today which was fab.

Sarah, I'm with you. No nuts at the moment is better than having them available. Good work.

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Don't you find the W30 helps you NOT eat between meals? I find it really limits my BG ups and downs thus the cravings go away. My blood glucose stays level and I feel good....have you noticed this at all? Caffeine can really mess up the BG too....keep up the good work!

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I am still struggling some days with not eating between meals

I am obviously not eating from hunger.i find when I am at home i look for food

I work part time ,two jobs and run the home so some afternoons I am at home

And the evenings are still bad.i eat nuts and a bit of fruit

I really want to break this snacking habit

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Donna and Sarah, I am finding the whole30 has helped with not snacking and I definitely know I'm not getting the usual peaks and troughs of blood sugar levels. That is all fantastic.

I do get a strong urge to snack a couple of times a day at work though. having no nuts available is helping me not to snack. I think this urge to snack is partly habit and partly boredom, it's definitely not hunger. I also sometimes feel a bit 'queasy' in the stomach (that isn't a great description of the feeling but I don't know what else to call it). My normal reaction to this would be to eat but I'm not which is great. I think the queasiness is my digestion still working itself out.

When I get that urge to eat though and I start to think about what I could eat (can I go the shop for nuts, is there fruit around?) and start to feel conflicted about eating vs not, I remind myself that this habit is something I really want to change and that if I persist it will eventually fall away. I'm also acknowledging that I probably am not giving myself something that I need, i.e. a break away from my desk, a chance to spend 10 minutes outside in the sun, a chat with a friend.

Keep persisting Sarah, getting rid of the nuts has helped me. I have been where you are and wanting to eat as soon as I step foot in the house. Do you think that maybe you need to start scheduling in some you time or rest time and snacking has become the substitute? Just a thought.

Yesterday's food:

  • Brekky - 2 x sausages, Avocado
  • Lunch - 2 x sausages, Mayo, avo, baby spinach, sunflower sprouts, tomato
  • Pre-yoga snack - sausage and avocado
  • Dinner - Steak with the Mocha meat rub from ISWF, baby asparagus and broccoli with a little oil and lemon drizzled on top.

And oops on Wednesday I forgot to mention I had half an orange for brekky and also for lunch.

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So just to summarise what I said in my last post, now that I have had a few minutes to reflect. I think the Whole30 is making it easier to stop snacking because my cravings and addiction to sugar aren't getting in the way of me recognising what I really do need, i.e. a break, some company, some sunshine. :)

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Day 21, and I'm feeling good and enjoying both the cooking and eating. Still struggling with thoughts of snacking but as i've said before, I'm hoping this is just a habit that will fade away. Probably didn't eat enough at breakfast today and was hungry at 10.30/11ish so had an early lunch. Food today was:

  • Brekky - salmon cakes, mayo and sunflower sprouts, avocado
  • Lunch - salmon cakes, mayo and sunflower sprouts, avocado, tomato, baby spinach, carrots
  • Dinner - Steak with mocha rub, green beans, broccoli with some olive oil and lemon dressing.

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Another good day all up although i don't think I ate enough so got hungry a couple of times.

Meals today:

  • Breakfast - salmon cakes, avocado
  • 2 x black coffees
  • Lunch - prawns, avocado, salad
  • Dinner - marinated lamb salad (sans Feta).

Dinner was out at a cafe with a friend. I'm finding eating out a challenge although one I have been able to deal with so far. I did feel that I was a bit of a party pooper though as my friend had it in her mind that we would go to Max Brenner (chocolate restaurant) for dessert after our movie, which we had discussed doing when we organised the catchup. It wasn't so much the chocolate I missed but the feeling of doing something decadent. But have to say it is another day down and Whole30 compliant. Yay for me.

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Sarah and Michelle,

Not sure why I don't need to snack so much. I guess you have to ask yourself, am I snacking out of boredom or hunger? If it is boredom, pick up a hobby or a good book or a brisk walk. If it is hunger reevaluate your foods? Are you eating the right things at meal times? Are you eating good fats? One of my friends Jenn, told me about Coconut Manna....oh man. When I feel like snacking I take a spoonful of that stuff. So satiating, so good for you, full of the right fats! Are you eating enough veggies? Enough protein? Enough fruit? When I am craving sweets, I put a sweet potato in the microwave and put some ghee and cinnamon on it... sure beats a snicker bar....

You guys are sailing, keep it up

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Thanks Donna

I think my snacking I habit or boredom

I have removed all cashew nuts from the house and am trying to be strong especially at night.that is going to be one of my goals,three meals and no snacking.( by snacking I mean constant picking and nibbling )

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Snacking's a habit for me too, exacerbated in the past by poor food choices. Boredom and stress have something to do with it as well. But I do think I am able to deal with that I've been more effective at managing that while on the Whole30. I also agree with you that I think I need to eat some bigger meals. Some of them I've been having don't keep me full for 4-5 hours. Donna, is coconut manna like coconut oil (in the solid form)? Thanks for the tip on the sweet potato, I think I need to up my carbs too.

Food for today (including dinner which I haven't eaten):

  • Brekky - 3 egg omelette with spinach and mushrooms and a sausage, half a large pear.
  • Morning Tea (at a birthday celebration) - strawberries, guacamole and carrots
  • Lunch - Big green salad, roast pumpkin, avocado, egg and 2 x sausages (lamb and rosemary, my favourite). Half a large pear.
  • Dinner - 'The best chicken you will ever eat (by Melissa "Melicious" Joulwan) and a big green salad and some avocado.

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That looks like abreally good day,Mich

I am going to try a cook up this afternoon using Well Fed

I have been reading the book and plan to cook some mince and some chicken ,boil eggs and steam some veggies

I am so excited we went for a drive into the country and came with boxes of locally grown veggies and farm free range eggs

Have a good week

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great going ladies....Coconut Manna is not oil...it is the delish melt in your mouth spoonful of heaven. It tastes like mushy coconut. You are supposed to use it in cereals, smoothies etc....I take a spoonful when starving and it is delish! My husband (not paleo) is addicted to it....Got the tip from a friend on the forums and it is by a company named Nutriva or Nutiva...I will pass on a link.

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Okay, tonight I had a to die for pulled pork crock pot dish that Jenn on this forum gave me....Oh baby.....that and some mixed steamed veggies and I am in total heaven! The pork was from Whole foods....oh man....

today is Day 11

B: Omelette and watermelon

S: Banana

L: greens, kale, leftover paleo meatloaf

D: Pulled amazing pork and steamed veggies.....

sailing by, yes it is....beautiful cool fall day here in the northeast US.....love

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