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Rock it Jan 23ers!


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Yay! Glad you found your way here. :)


I'm actually a bit sick again. Have been ill almost the whole last week and overdid it with going back to training on Friday and now I'm all yucky again. Trying to be reasonable and stay at home with lots of tea and a hot water bottle.


Also, I realize I'm drinking way too much coffee. I know coffee is ok with the Whole30 rules but... I'm having like up to ten mugs a day (especially work days) which probably is... beyond ok. So I'll use my Whole30 to get a grip on my little caffeine issue. Cutting down to one cup/day max for a week and then go without any for the rest of the 30 days. And try to replace it with more sleep (I'm a terrible workaholic, ending up with 3-4 hours/night pretty frequently...).


On the food side, I'm doing ok so far. Having lots of eggs, avocados, and coconut, and a little wild-caught fish (I'm a "vegan", giving a little animal protein a chance for my Whole30 to see if it helps with my health). I find my meals intensely satisfying and don't get hungry for hours and hours. I sometimes feel I could go with 1-2 meals per day without getting hungry, but maybe that's also (partly) due to me not feeling that well and having a decreased appetite?


Anyways, how's it going, buddies? :)

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Greetings! I am sitting here with my coffee and almond milk. Is it delicious like my usual coffee, 1/2 and 1/2 and honey? No. However, this was the last remaining hurdle for me in adhering to the Whole30 rules, and I'm doing it.


The self-efficacy that is mentioned in Day Two (I highly recommend spending the $15 for the daily support) is a really important factor. Starting the Whole 30 couldn't happen for me until I knew I could do it. So before I began, I tackled my evening sugar ritual, about 10 days ago. So I arrived at Day One in steps. The last thing for me was the "coffee, cream and honey" morning ritual. After addressing the evening sugar thing successfully, I knew I could do the coffee. So now here I am - Day 3 - drinking coffee with almond milk. It has been over a week since I had sugar in the evening. The middle part of the day is not hard for me because I have been mostly eating Whole 30 style for months now - no grains, beans, minimal dairy - all in preparation for doing this. Now I'm thinking of ditching the caffeine all together - my horizon is widening. I feel curious. Something happened for me when I released myself from long-held habits - a sense of freedom.

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Sorry for not posting that much. I usually don't get home before 11pm during the week atm (and have to get up for work at 5:30am) - so, not that much time for internet things.


Sadly, I'm back at day 1 tomorrow. :( High stress environment at work obviously turns me into a willpower-less candy monster (don't even want to talk about my good intentions regarding coffee...). It was so easy over the weekend, but then at work with all that free and/or cheap crappy stuff around... *sigh* No excuses, I made some stupid choices I'm afraid (which led to the famous "ah heck, I ruined it anyway" all-or-nothing craziness...). Hope I'll do better tomorrow.


How are you going? Are you ditching the coffee, tlclark? Hope you're having a better time with this than I had. <3

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I'm wondering if I can join your group here, since I'm on day 5 today.

I'm actually doing this as a vegan, and I've already been told by a moderator that I'm not doing Whole30 because I mix 2 protein powders together and one if them has some stevia. So I've been sent to this section of the forums for my deviation. To me, this is limited enough without eating animals, and I'm not going to buy $50 of new protein powder for this, plus I'm personally not worried about a tiny consumption of stevia powder every few days, since it's just in part of my protein.

Other than deviating from W30 in that way, I'm very happy, feeling great, and loving it! I was quite hungry the second day, but I feel my a petite has balanced out now that I'm not doing my usual 1st dinner, 2nd dinner style :) (2nd dinner would have been guacamole and store bought chips).

So, please let me know if you're up for including this non - compliant weirdo. If you're not feeling it, you can tell me that too and I'll be on my way.

Hope you're all feeling strong and loving your dinners tonight!


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Thank you Peebles!

How are you doing with it today?

I don't have work today, so I got to sleep, then eat, late. I've had a giant smoothie (water, spinach, froz banana, mango, parsley, soaked chia and goji, and the naughty protein powder) and am working on lots of green tea. It's a lazy day. I plan for a giant salad for lunch and baked sweet potatoes with avocado for dinner. I'll put hemp hearts on both for protein, but I know it's not the W30 hand size.

Interested to see how you and tlclark are doing!

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I started writing this reply to your Q about protein in another part of the forums and felt that I shouldn't be posting there since I'm not doing the full hand of protein thing. So, here is better for me!

I've learned already that the way for me to do this as a vegan is to be a bit non - compliant. For me that is fine because what I'm hoping to do here is eliminate the grains and additives like carageenan (sp!), as well as be more accountable about my already pretty clean eating.

Yeah; I've been trying to increase my nuts and seeds. I think I'll go ahead and make some lentils today so I have that huge protein source ready in the fridge. Yesterday I made larabar - like balls with extra seeds and hemp hearts so I have something dense and portable if I'm stuck.

I also made these bars out of grated coconut, coconut oil, hemp hearts, and lemon.

For me, if I'm eating a huge salad and have some of that after, then I've done a better job of including fat and extra protein with my meal.

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Hi Jjo,


speaking of deviants, I did that thing where I told myself "what the hell, I'll start over on Friday", because I knew today wouldn't only be a hell of a work day but also include business dinner and other situations in which compliance would have been difficult or impossible anyway. Plus, I'm a nerd for numbers and if I start tomorrow I'll have 30 days exactly when February ends. ;D


Oooh, I'm a huge smoothie fan myself. Someone got me a Vitamix for my birthday some years ago and it's been the best (and most frequently used) gift ever. I usually don't even put fruit in there. Mainly insane amounts of greens, ginger, cucumber, coconut milk, avocado, cinnamon, chia seeds... whatever else delicious is around. <3 I'm also totally into cilantro. So, my "smoothies" are probably most people's nightmares. *lol*


Your dinner plans sound fantastic! I like hemp a lot, too. I just recently discovered sprouted raw hemp butter and it's basically my new favorite thing.


Your approach/motivation to your W30 seems very reasonable to me (regardless of being allowed to officially call it that - to hell with labels, right?).


I once made my own dried bars out of mushed pumpkin, hemp powder, coconut, cinnamon and ginger (for a snack at derby practice) and they turned out pretty decent. Maybe I should make some again...

However, I think my next "project" (as soon as I find a little time) will be to try make my own pickled ginger. I love it but all of the store-bought ones seem to be full of nasty colorants, preservatives or sweeteners... (or all of them)

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Oh dear; that long day plus work dinner would be tricky for me to keep compliant during too.  I think starting tomorrow sounds like your best bet, and I think that the ending being the last day of Feb is a sign :)  


The reason I panicked and made the balls is that I was supposed to take kids to this aquarium that's far from my house and has junky food plus you're not allowed to bring outside food in.  The balls were for smuggling in so I didn't eat a child. 


Vitamix is my dream appliance :)  Your smoothie sounds perfect to me.  I put cilantro in most of my lunches and dinners, and do a lot of parsley in smoothies.  Love that herbs are so detoxifying. 


Thanks for seeing my approach to W30.  Whether it's 100% to-rule or not, I'm okay with it, as long as I stick to it, and as long as I'm feeling good.


Tell me if you make the pickled ginger.  I'm interested.  I've made sauerkraut, but that one made me a bit nervous about mould.  I am always successful at making "ginger bug" for ginger beer / just a fermented ginger drink.  I started one today, actually.  It was 2 cups clean water, 2 tbsp grated ginger, and 2 tbsp sugar (I used white so I added a tiny bit of molasses), stirred with something wooden.  Each day you feed it with 1 tsp more ginger and 1 tsp more sugar, and stir a few times.  For me, it usually takes 4 days of this for it to be frothy.  Then I strain it and keep it in the fridge.  


I searched ginger bug and kombucha on this site, and all I found was that kombucha is okay if the label says no sugar was added after fermentation.  Seems I'd better get making a label that says that for my ginger bug!


I started worrying about not getting enough protein in each meal today and made a big batch of lentils with onions, garlic and some Mexican spices.  Filled some cabbage "taco" shells with that, lots of veggies, of course cilantro, and avocado for dinner.  Feeling satiated, and best of all, not gassy!  I wasn't sure if lentils caused me gas before.  The tempeh I had yesterday is already on the naughty list for gassiness.  Being able to isolate these gassy foods is a big positive  of this way of eating for me.  


Let me know how your real first day goes!

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Hey there, just quickly checking in to say sorry for the lack of interaction. We're having a huge conference over the weekend which means I'm practically working non-stop. Doing ok, apart from the fact that I'm definitely sleeping way to little and consuming insane amounts of caffeine to keep going during these times of busy craziness. ^^

Hope you're having a fab weekend! <3

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