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Awful insomnia, desperate!

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I started my whole 30 1/1 and was doing great until day 20 when I started not being able to fall asleep at night. It has been seven nights in a row of it taking 4-5 hours to fall asleep at night. I am desperate, exhausted and so incredibly worried now. I can't live like this.

I take magnesium and epsom salt baths and have for a long time, as needed. It always helped with and periodic trouble sleeping. It doesn't touch this.

I am still nursing my 15 month son so I am not at all low carb, and I have also tried having a carb heavy snack before bed. No help.

I actually quit my whole 30 today in desperation and had rice with my dinner. It's going on 2:00 am tonight, so that didnt help either.

any help or insight anyone has is welcomed. I don't want to abandon this way of eating.

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I'm sorry you are so frustrated. 


Could you post a few days worth of your meals including serving sizes? Also what is water intake and activity level like?


You said you are nursing - have you gotten your period back yet? I have a lot of trouble sleeping for a week before my period even in a context of eating mostly Whole30. All other thoughts I'll reserve until I see what your food has been like. 

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