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Week 3, feeling worse than ever, could it be nuts??!

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So I have been struggling for the past week and finally had an a-ha moment. I am not only relying on nuts and dried fruit too much, but nuts in general I don't think agree with me.

I have a history or migraines, eczema, GI trouble (mostly constipation) and bloating/gas pain.

I was hoping to use the Whole30 to make me feel better overall by reducing my grain/dairy/sugar consumption. The first two weeks were a breeze, a few hiccups but felt better overall. And mostly, I was surprised by how easy the meal planning was and how I didn't feel deprived.

But then life happened and I wasn't eating enough at breakfast and lunch and I relied on snacking on the go, and that meant lots of nuts and dried fruits.

This past week I have had 3 horrible migraines which meant I had to take my prescription drugs and endure those side effects. My hunger has been intense and I can't seem to eat enough, thus meaning I am adding more nuts to feel "full".
Finally yesterday I was doubled over in pain and intense bloating. I realized I can't do nuts anymore. I am scared to not have this crutch to fulfill my meals or to keep as an emergency food and prevent a binge on non-compliant foods.


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Absolutely could be nuts, and they should not be used as a crutch.


May I ask what type of nuts you've been eating?


Well, it doesn't really matter......  although there ARE some that are more carby than others.  They will raise your blood sugar and feed your sugar dragon.  BEEN THERE.


Roasted and salted will make you tend to overeat them, as well.


Many people here have a nut problem.   :wacko:  Be glad that you had this lightbulb moment.  Be brave and enjoy life without them!

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Dried fruits often contain sulphites, which are terrible gut irritants that can cause digestive problems aside from dried fruit being a high dose of sugar. So you have been consuming two dangerous foods. It sounds like you need to prepare big batches of food that you can keep in your refrigerator ready to heat and eat. Personally, I have dozens of recipes that I can prepare from scratch in less than 15 minutes, so I rarely cook big batches, but many people find that having something in the refrigerator ready to go is a big help. 

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