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Actually started Jan. 12/15, but did not join in until now!


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Hi there - I'm new to this forum and have a question - if this is where I am able to do that!

Are Hearts of Palm Whole30 compliant? I've checked all over, but haven't found any links or lists with it in them.

I'm very impressed with the program. Allergist put me on an Elimination Diet last summer where I discovered a lot about my eating habits and what I was doing wrong. The new year came by and I started looking around for something to help me out a bit more, as I was still having some issues. Well, I came upon the Whole30 web site and decided to purchase It Starts With Food. Read it through and have been following it since the 12th. Hopefully this is going to set me on a new direction with my health and eating. I'm sure it will.

Thank you.

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Yes, they're fine, but if they come in a can or jar, check the ingredients to be sure they're all compliant.


For future reference, if you have a question about something, try googling Whole30 + whatever you're looking for (so, Whole30 hearts of palm) -- there's a good chance someone has asked it before. 

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