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Day 8


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Just finished my first week of Whole30! Aside from bacon (sugar)on day 1, unknown soy in my tuna day 3 and sugarless gum the first couple days I've been clean. I'll offset that by adding those days onto the end.

As many, I have a 30 year history of yoyo dieting. I had great success 10 years ago with low carb and heavy lifting but was using all the trendy low carb substitutes available at the time as well as the use of then OTC ephedra. I was what I thought was fit, cut, and healthy. My goal for Whole30 is to fuel my body with the right foods to reduce inflammation and reset. I have gained 50 lbs in the last 10 years and have been peri-menopausal during this entire time.

Things I've noticed in the first week: I sleep well, I feel good, I have no cravings. My clothes already fit better (Really? Already?)

My biggest issue: I have no appetite! What the heck? I have never in my life had this problem,. I am struggling to eat enough protein so on the advice of my trainer have moved to limited eggs due to the number required to eat to provide the same amount of protein as say, chicken. Also moving this week to bison as it has a little more bang for your buck than beef.

Favorite foods: wild caught salmon, homemade mayo, coconut manna, avocado.

Looking forward to the next 3 weeks (+3 days for corrections) and beyond!

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