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Whole 30 whole family


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Well here we go! Today was day 1. Complete and once again ready to go. I completed my first whole 30 on dec 22nd. My kids did it for the most part with me. Except for snacks at school. And a class party. After seeing my results, which were amazing, my husband declared he was ready to start after Christmas break. So here we are day 1 done. I am nervous about the food hangover and kill all things for my hubby. I know what to expect it is just I am nervous for him.

We are a family of six: hubby and I, 7,5,almost 4, and 5 months.


kill the sugar dragon inside my son (almost 4)

Make healthier choices/decisions for my family

Maybe see some more results I saw 1st time around.

Meal 1



Bell peppers

In coconut oil

Chicken sausage


Meal 2

Sauté spinach



Meal 3

Ground beef lettuce wraps

With shredded cabbage and carrots

Found a great paleo recipe my first whole 30 for these PF Changs lettuce wraps. Minus the honey called for in the hoisin sauce. I added the shredded veggies for more texture

Snack- mini meal


Chicken sausage


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