Cast iron skillet

Becky Stratton-Cooper

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I have a huge collection of cast iron--bread pans, dutch ovens, frying pans, pizza pan, skillets galore, baking dishes. Now to find a cast iron tea kettle. I go camping a LOT so cast iron is perfect for that. I just keep a dutch oven (the kind that has a lip on the lid for holding coals) and a skillet stashed in my car. For seasoning, I rub them down with extra virgin olive oil. To season them when I first get them I always cook something greasy like sausage in them. The cast iron imparts an excellent taste to the food and for some reason always makes the food taste better. Or at least, I can always tell when someone uses cast iron because there's so much flavour to the food.

I totally agree. Not only is it the best non stick (if you take care of it) cookware in the world, but also gives such a great flavor to things AND gives us a little iron each time. I need to get some more. I never thought to fry up some bacon or sausage when I season it.

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