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I WILL do this! My Whole30 Month begins August 27!

Debbie B

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W30 Day 9

A busy day at work – I'm sure glad that I've been planning ahead and didn't have to think about what to make for dinner! Here's my food log for the day…

M1 – Sausage and Spinach Casserole, from Monday, plus sliced tomatoes

M2 – Italian Beef and Green Beans, from Sunday

M3 – Ginger Chicken, http://www.agirlwort...ken-recipe.html and Zucchini Summer Soup, http://mypaleokitche...ummer-soup.html.

Goals - More than enough water consumed and 15 minute walk squeezed in at lunchtime. Now to keep working on a good night's sleep – managed 6.5 hours last night – hubby was up early to run and I couldn't fall back asleep. Let's see what tonight brings!

On to day 10!

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W30 Day 10

Whew! One third of the way to the finish line!

I was away from the office in training today. During breaks and at lunch, I did a lot of Whole30 thinking. First, I modified my fitness goals a bit and have posted them in my signature. Knowing that I have a tendency to take on too much and over commit, I felt it prudent to scale back and actually make the goals achievable!

I have also realized a few things…my tummy hurts FAR LESS frequently (hardly at all, actually) and my digestion/elimination is improving. Even though it has been warm and very humid here, my fingers, toes, and ankles are not puffy. And, I actually slept straight through for 7.5 hours last night! My energy is improving and I'm not feeling totally exhausted by mid-afternoon. There is certainly something GOOD happening…

I have also rediscovered my delight in creating flavorful meals, made with love. Hubby has been happy with everything and so have I. It is certainly easier to cook when I've prepped and planned ahead.

Foodwise – lunch was a bit of a challenge today. I learned that the restaurant didn't have olive oil available – only a canola blend. I ended up with a large salad topped with grilled chicken, chopped egg, tomatoes, cukes, and avocado. I made due with vinegar and lemon slices for dressing; next time, I'll be packing my own dressing!

I thought the salad was quite filling but I was hungry by 3 PM – the first time that has happened for a while. I had nothing with me and no access to a compliant snack. Although I have been trying to limit nuts to garnishes and pesto, I will make sure a tuck a handful in my purse for times like this.

Fitness – no walk today. I'll call it my rest day. Back on track tomorrow, when it is forecast to be a bit cooler.

My Food Log…

M1 – Sausage and Spinach Egg Casserole. This was day #3 for this; although it is still good, I will have something different tomorrow.

M2 – salad as above

M3 - Sun Dried Tomato Meatballs with Creamy Pesto - http://everydaypaleo...h-creamy-pesto/ , served over a big mound of Zucchini Noodles and diced tomatoes.

Other - Water, water, water! About 24 oz. black coffee. Starbucks Zen Iced Tea, unsweetened.

It has been a good day and I'm looking forward to many more!

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W30 Day 11

This was a decent day, but not great. Oh, my food choices were fine, but they were done on the run and I'm still hungry as I write. Once I post this, I'll have some blueberries with coconut milk and head to bed early.

I continue to see some non-scale victories - no cravings that I can't get past, clothes are looser, my energy is generally good. I'm frustrated that I'm not fitting in exercise time, but I will keep aiming that way. I'm just chalking up this so-so day as a momentary blip and I fully intend to move ahead.

I'm looking forward to another 4 day weekend - cleaning and grocery shopping tomorrow, my Dad and step-Mom arriving Saturday for a couple days, football, seeing the sights, and preparing most meals at home, taking care of some business on Monday. I'll make it a good one!

This was my day...

Breakfast - Leftover meatballs from last night, leftover zucchini, sliced tomatoes

Lunch - Hard-boiled egg, leftover Zucchini Summer Soup

Dinner - Lemon Spinach & Egg Soup or “Paleo Stracciatella†- http://www.radiancenutrition.com/2012/06/12/lemon-spinach-egg-soup-or-paleo-stracciatella/

Snack - blueberries with coconut milk

Keep on keeping on - good night!

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