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Sophie's whole30


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Tuesday 27th Jan 2015 is day 1 of my whole30 journey !

Ive always tried my best to eat whole foods and have valued healthy eating but would sometimes drink diet soda etc.

However lately I've been craving sugary foods, carbs and more carbs... And last night I wasn't even hungry but my body was wanting ice cream and cookies. Afterwards I felt awful, my stomach was bloated and I knew I just had filled my body with artificial ingredients, lots of sugar and I was overall uncomfortable.

I've tried to do whole30 before but was always like "oh but milk with coffee is an exception" and eventually I fell off track. This time, no exceptions! I will do the 30 days properly :) I think I need a break from sugar and artificial processed foods to cleanse my body of it all and beat these cravings. I'm also hoping it will improve my sleep as I often get bad sleep...

No exceptions this time either :) So here is to better health!!

So far:

Brunch - smoked salmon with avocado, and egg cooked with coconut oil, some cauli rice ,green beans and pumpkin

Snack - handful of grapes

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