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Day 8 and feeling my worst, plus nauseous ...

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Hi everyone,

I'm on day 8 and have followed 100%.

A little background...I've already lost 100+ lbs over past 2 years initially lowering carbs and sugar, then reading wheat belly and eliminating wheat, then gradually more and more grains. Sugar has been my Achilles heel - way less than most of my life, but way more than what I know it should be. I'm 50 and have no big medical conditions except for lousy bloodwork (familial hypercholesterolemia) which I'm hoping Whole 30 might nudge in a better direction. I've also had a chronic headache since last October. Finally saw a neurologist (out of plan) who has tried a few different meds and none have worked so far. I hate taking meds and really am so reluctant to try them, but some days the headaches get to me and I take another try. So.....at this point, there's been no change w/headaches...yet!

I've never had any diagnosed gut issues. I noticed improvements eliminating wheat - especially with sleep, bloating and moods. What I'm experiencing right now (and for past day or two) is a queasy/huger pain feeling that doesn't change all that much throughout the day. It's better while I eat and then amps up afterwards. It's tough waiting 4-5 hours for the next meal usually. It reminds me slightly of morning sickness and back then, saltines were my cure.

I'm eating so 'clean' now that I can't understand this, unless it's still a part of the detox or 'flu'. Also tired and not sleeping great - tossing a lot. The thought of green veggies makes me feel even more queasy. Thinking of a yam doesn't :)

I do have fairly constant stress in my life, but pretty much keep a positive outlook. Any ideas on whether this is a temporary thing, or something I should eat more of or avoid? Thankfully, hubby is doing this also, so we're in it for the long haul and I will tough it out. But if there's a great idea out there, I'd love to hear it! Thanks! Ann

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