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Day 8 and feeling my worst, plus nauseous ...

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Hi everyone,

I'm on day 8 and have followed 100%.

A little background...I've already lost 100+ lbs over past 2 years initially lowering carbs and sugar, then reading wheat belly and eliminating wheat, then gradually more and more grains. Sugar has been my Achilles heel - way less than most of my life, but way more than what I know it should be. I'm 50 and have no big medical conditions except for lousy bloodwork (familial hypercholesterolemia) which I'm hoping Whole 30 might nudge in a better direction. I've also had a chronic headache since last October. Finally saw a neurologist (out of plan) who has tried a few different meds and none have worked so far. I hate taking meds and really am so reluctant to try them, but some days the headaches get to me and I take another try. So.....at this point, there's been no change w/headaches...yet!

I've never had any diagnosed gut issues. I noticed improvements eliminating wheat - especially with sleep, bloating and moods. What I'm experiencing right now (and for past day or two) is a queasy/huger pain feeling that doesn't change all that much throughout the day. It's better while I eat and then amps up afterwards. It's tough waiting 4-5 hours for the next meal usually. It reminds me slightly of morning sickness and back then, saltines were my cure.

I'm eating so 'clean' now that I can't understand this, unless it's still a part of the detox or 'flu'. Also tired and not sleeping great - tossing a lot. The thought of green veggies makes me feel even more queasy. Thinking of a yam doesn't :)

I do have fairly constant stress in my life, but pretty much keep a positive outlook. Any ideas on whether this is a temporary thing, or something I should eat more of or avoid? Thankfully, hubby is doing this also, so we're in it for the long haul and I will tough it out. But if there's a great idea out there, I'd love to hear it! Thanks! Ann

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Wow! 100+ pounds -- that's amazing! There are so many things that can cause nausea -- from eating raw veggies to stress to your system adapting to your Whole30. Can you post a sample food log in case there's something that might be off with what you're eating? Also, are you drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep?

I hope you feel better soon!! Great that you're willing to tough it out even when you're not feeling so good!


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Hi Tami,

Thanks! It was actually 110 and some crept back :( But not for long! I drink water all the time, and have for years - I love it! My sleep has been averaging 7 hours give or take (less lately) with tossing and waking early. Just brought youngest son to college for first time, along with my oldest, day before starting Whole 30. There was anxiety with that, plus I'm working almost full time while taking 3 college courses to finish my degree this semester, etc...stress. Even though we were already eating similarly, making things 100% clean and thinking of what to cook/buy and what can be made ahead and what to do differently to shake it up, etc., a little more stress. So i'm guessing that has something to do with the sleep and the stomach.

I'm having protein/veggie/fat with each meal and most of time not snaking between - if I do it's some macadamias (which I'm really trying not to do). I'd say I'm a pretty good veggie person, but I'm not at the "love/crave" stage. I always feel like I could/should have more. Oh, and I'll sometimes add some blueberries or blackberries. I like to make one dish meals that we can reheat and combine protein and veggies. I just read another thread earlier about bacon and realize now that my 0g sugar bacon is bad since there is sugar in the brine :( I plan on going on indefinitely, so I'm not 'starting over', will just freeze it and keep on :)

Maybe I've answered my own question and need to look at concrete ways to lessen my stress, lol...ha!

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