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Feeling tired on Day 22

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So I am on Day 22 and being very good about the program.  However, I was hoping I would see an increase in energy.  I have struggling to get thru the day still and that is after sleeping 7-8 hours a night.  Also, my back and leg muscles seem tighter than ever.  I am losing weight I can tell but I am not "feeling" any better if not worse.  Any advice?


My diet has been


Breakfast - usually 2-3 eggs scrambled with salsa


Lunch - grilled chicken salads 


dinner - steak, chicken or fish with a sweet potato and either a salad or some veggies


I also have a banana or an apple during the day.

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How's your stress level? How much water are you drinking?


Low energy points to needing to increase the amount of food you are eating.


Each meal should include 1-3 cups of vegetables. Your salsa isn't nearly enough in the morning. I can't tell how much you are eating from your other descriptions. Most people do best with salads that include a variety of veggies, even 3 or more cups of greens isn't very substantial.


I don't see any fat except that which is included in your morning eggs. Are you following the Meal Template portion recommendations for veggies and fat?


Overall, your protein intake looks pretty good (I'd go with 3 eggs, 2 isn't quite enough) assuming you are eating a palm to two palm-sized portions at each meal. Those are the minimum recommendations so if you need more, eat more.


Fruit is recommended to be eaten as a part of one of your meals. If you feel the need to snack, you should increase the amount of protein, veggies and fat at your meals.

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I agree with ultrarunnergirl's feedback: eat more.  :)   The need for a snack in between meals can be an indication that your earlier meals aren't big enough.  Follow the meal template and play with your portions until your meals satiate you for 4-5 hours.

Go with the sweet potato or other starchy vegetable once a day - that, along with more food, will likely help with your energy.

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I will snack on a piece of fruit in the afternoon or at night, why is that so bad? I use to have a candy bar or cookies so its an improvement  :D


While technically compliant, you want to avoid feeding the sugar dragon, or giving yourself a sugar rush that will result in a crash later.


Plus, you only want to eat between meals when you're genuinely hungry (litmus test: you could eat something bland like steamed fish and broccoli), vs. snacking out of habit.  If you are truly hungry, the recommended snack is a mini-meal of protein, veg and fat.  That may also help you with your energy.

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