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Whole "28" | Feb 2015


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On January 5, 2015, I started my "100 Day Sugar Detox". I started with the 21 Day Sugar Detox (done this several times) and a planning to use February as my Whole "28".


I'm doing this for several reasons but the main is that this is supporting & continuing my transformation journey to better health. After several months of research, I took the Paleo Leap in March 2013. Within just 7 months, I dropped over 50 pounds. 2014 was a struggle and while I do continue to lose weight, today I'm down just under 80 pounds. Great - yes, I know... and I'm happy. But, it's not enough! I'm trying to become "half my size" so this journey has quite a bit more to go.


By the time I complete my 100 days (April 15th), I hope to have reached the -100# mark!


I've found that being "squeaky clean Paleo" has been the best way to help my body shed the weight. I'm lucky to not require any special protocols (that I'm presently aware of) such as GAPS, SCD or AIP. I have no medical conditions. Low carb + high protein seems to work wonders for me.


I did one Whole30 - July 2014 - and found that while I didn't struggle on what to eat (aside from the temptations of a cool summer cocktail), I tend to lose weight on the 21DSD more so than W30. So, February is going to be an experiment for me... See what seems to work best for me. I lost 7.4 lbs in the first 21 days ... We'll see how February goes.


Exercise has been inconsistent and I a really trying to maintain a goal of 30 minutes activity each day. I'm starting a lunchtime Zumba class 2x/week this month and swim 2x/week - I need to figure out the other 3 days.


Thanks for stopping by!


Note: I'm hoping to get online daily to log my journey including these next few prep days (I'm eating still 21DSD-style)...

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What is it you eat while on whole30 you don't eat during your sugar detox? I don't exercise much, except for the walks with my pooch, and yard work, yet the whole30 is what brought my weight down by over 50lbs since June last year. So while exercising obviously helps the weight loss process, I decided I would not start doing any type of exercise I cannot stick with for the long haul, and while on frequent travel. Food for thought :)

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The biggest differences between 21DSD & Whole30 are:

  • Fruit - only green-tipped bananas, granny smith apples & grapefruit are "allowed" on 21DSD
    I'm not much of a fruit person so this works just fine for me
  • Treats that do not contain any sweetener are allowed on 21DSD (there are a TON of recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings)
  • Starchy vegs are not allowed on 21DSD - or are limited significantly unless you're doing the energy modifications for athletes (beets, sweet potatoes, some squash varieties)

There may be a few others but these are the main ones. The 21DSD is primarily focused on sugar & cravings where, as you know, Whole30 is far-reaching when it comes to your relationship with food. I started my Paleo journey doing Whole30 without knowing. :)  I have a basement full of squash & sweet potatoes (CSA storage shares) that I dove into last night; curious to see how the carbs impact me.


I love to swim! I enjoy it so much but don't make it a priority like I should. The Zumba is a new adventure!

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That's interesting info. Sounds very much what my significant other is supposed to eat as a diabetic! I slayed the sugar dragon pre whole30, was a Swiss with a chocolate addiction, so having no sweet treats is a non issue. However loooooove fruits, and will definitely look into picking more green apples. It's not the first time I hear that about fruits...

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That's interesting info. Sounds very much what my significant other is supposed to eat as a diabetic! I slayed the sugar dragon pre whole30, was a Swiss with a chocolate addiction, so having no sweet treats is a non issue. However loooooove fruits, and will definitely look into picking more green apples. It's not the first time I hear that about fruits...


Good for you on slaying that dragon! I've been doing alright but old habits (err... addictions) die hard!!

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Getting my plan ready for next week a few days in advance. One challenge I may be up against is we're going to be starting a kitchen remodel. Not sure on the start date but I'm thinking we may be in demo mode late February. Aggghhh! ;) No worries ... I'll have my crockpot (x2) and grill available. I may need to find a single burner hot plate or something to use (basement) as we're not going to hook up our oven in the basement.


Will cross that bridge when it arrives...


My plan for dinners for Days 1-7 include:

Sunday: Roasted chicken, squash, salad w/ ranch dressing

Monday: crockpot beef roast w/ carrots & onions, mashed sweet potatoes

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday in our house so I'll make a big taco salad

Wednesday: Cracklin chicken, roasted broccoli, mashed cauliflower, salad

Thursday: Salmon patties, roasted brussel sprouts & onions, salad

Friday: broiled cod, sweet potato "chips", salad

Saturday: "steak night" + beets, mushrooms & salad


Need to figure out lunches but do plan leftovers as much as possible.


I like to follow the steam + saute method on the weekend to help get my veg prepped a bit more during the busy work week. We pick up big bags of broccoli & brussel sprouts at Costco and then I do the advance prep with my storage beets & carrots, too. I think it's also helped prolong the life of the produce. And, it makes it easier to toss in some veg for breakfast skillets (which, by the way, I LIVE ON!!)


If you haven't tried this, check it out here:


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Well, isn't this just GREAT ... I'm getting sick! :( My kids had a stomach bug earlier this week but my oldest had a bit of a relapse of an upper respiratory bug that I seem to now have. I take a very natural (anti-OTC) approach to illness & am a big user of essential oils. So, I'm oiling up like crazy and plan to kick this thing in the bud. I think it'll be a great post to write for my update in my blog (www.wholelifestyleliving.com). Just thinking about that dinner plan for next week and I may make some crockpot substitutions depending upon how I feel. A beef roast that just falls apart sounds pretty tasty (not that I can taste anything with this runny nose - LOL!)


Thank God for BONE BROTH!!

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Sickness is OVER (very short-lived, I must say) and it's DAY 3 ... Bada bing!!! :) :) :)


Day 1 was a bit of a whirlwind - had a fun snowy storm-like day but was busy working with a designer on plans for our new kitchen. I was so busy that i know I didn't snack between meals... Breakfast was out after church; I had 1/2 of a veggie omelet with a side of bacon, coffee w/ my own coconut milk. Lunch was a roasted chicken thigh & some baby carrots. Dinner was so yummy: ham, steamed broccoli & roasted squash. Was outside shoveling, blowing snow & playing for a few hours! Was in the kitchen doing meal prep for the week so I didn't get to watch much of the super bowl other than the final two minutes (great sportsmanship Seattle - disgusting!).


Day 2 (hyperlinks to Instagram):

  • Breakfast - other half of my omelet + guacamole, coffee + coconut milk
  • Lunch - re-heated chicken thigh, leftover squash & a 1/2 bag frozen stir fry veg mix with coconut oil & lemon pepper
  • Dinner - love my CROCKPOT!! Came home to a gorgeous beef roast that just fell apart, some perfectly cooked carrots and potatoes. Trying potatoes to see how I do with them...

Didn't go to the pool like I usually do on Mondays; husband was home much later than usual & then we had some issues with our well. Water came back this morning but we still may have some issues. Needless to say, my time was needed at home.


PLAN FOR Day 3 (and thus far):

  • Breakfast was steak, mushrooms, couple handfuls of baby kale & eggs (leftover steak & mushrooms from Saturday) + coffee & coconut milk
  • Lunch: ham, last of the squash, steamed broccoli, LaCroix
  • Dinner: chicken stir fry
  • Snack: carrots + guacamole

I'm trying my hand at ZUMBA today...lunch class!! Looking forward to having some FUN & getting sweaty. Had to pack so much stuff to bring to work today so this ought to be interesting.


OK ... That's how I've been doing & what my plan is for today! :)


If you want to follow me on Instagram, I like to post meals at least once a day through this 100 day journey!




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Yesterday ended great ... Dinner wasn't chicken stir fry as I had thought. We had a contractor come over at 6pm so I was pressed for time. I ended up eating the rest of the chipotle lime chicken I used for the boys' nachos (about 1 cup, dark meat) with a 1/2 avocado, some salsa & chopped black olives. Filled me up quite well.


We are often in the habit of having a drink at the end of the day to wind down; I would enjoy a glass or two of wine or maybe a hard cider. The past few months, I've found that LaCroix is a great choice for me. I pour it in a wine glass & add a slice of lemon or lime. I'm torn between the coconut & cran-raspberry!


>>>>> ZUMBA WAS AWESOME!! <<<<<



Today's Plan:

  • Breakfast (done) ~ 2 eggs with the last of the leftover steak (about 2 oz), mushrooms, broccoli & baby kale; coffee + coconut milk
  • Lunch ~ spinach salad made with grilled chicken breast, homemade ranch dressing, 1/2 avocado, medium carrot shredded & a few chopped black olives
  • Dinner ~ salmon patties (I'll eat 3) with a big salad + ranch dressing, roasted broccoli
  • Wednesday is swimming night - I typically do a 1/2 mile breast stroke + warm up & cool down


I'm noticing that I'm just not that hungry lately. I'm really trying to keep my calories around 1800/day but when I logged this on MFP, it's around 1300. I'm going home for lunch today so if I find that I'm hungry yet this morning, I'll up my salad a bit and I'll bring a snack back to work with me (like celery & sunbutter).



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Yesterday ... Ahhh - yesterday. Food was a-OK. I did nibble on some ham when getting dinner ready so I definitely know I need to plan more for food. I really cooked a ton of food this week so it's not for lack of leftovers!


I'm finding that this W30 round isn't so much about food compliance (I seem to have that down). It's more about listening to my body & honoring what it can (or, cannot) do. I'm working on keeping my body aligned & not having to go to the chiro as often (been weekly, shooting for 10 days right now). The kids are working on their star leader award in karate & need to get in the habit of doing 5 min of stretching before bed every night; I think I need to start doing that with them. Sure could use some good stretching!


Not sure if I mentioned that we're going to begin a kitchen remodel in the next few weeks - perhaps start demo yet this month. Well, this project has me pretty busy at night after work. Last night - swimming night - we had an electrician over to review our project & give us a quote. He actually is an old friend of my DH so what would've been a 20 min appointment was more like 60+. Not that it's a bad thing...It just was 7pm when all was said & done and I had dinner finishing up. I try to get in the pool by 7pm so I'm home by 8:00pm. <sigh>


Priorities ... Getting our kitchen project started it very important so it definitely took precedent. Granted, I do wish I had put on my mermaid tail last night, but I can live.



Today's Plan

  • Breakfast (done) ~ 2 eggs, 2 small (more like 1) leftover salmon patties, roasted broccoli & kale with coffee + coconut milk
  • Lunch ~ leftovers: 2 roasted chicken thighs (no skin), roasted broccoli & winter squash (not sure what variety)
  • Snack ~ 2 stalks celery & almond butter
  • Dinner ~ CRACKLIN' CHICKEN (so yummy!), salad (w/ carrots & homemade ranch) & roasted beets



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Weekend almost over ... been crazy getting some of the non-essentials packed up in the kitchen. Noshing on an awesome grilled chicken w/ roasted butternut squash & brussel sprouts. 


NON-SCALE VICTORY: My wedding ring has been on my middle finger for several months now. I've always worn about a 7.5. Today, I picked up a cheapy ring to wear on my ring finger (finally!) and it's a size 6!!! Waiting to get to my goal before I have my actual wedding ring re-sized.  :D


Dinner Meal Plan set for the week - I've noticed it's pretty heavy on beef & pork but I guess that's what happens when you have a freezer full of it!


  • Monday: Asian stir fry (beef, cabbage, carrots, onions) with tons of coconut aminos, ginger & garlic and some sunbutter + coconut milk
  • Tuesday: ham, roasted broccoli, salad w/ ranch dressing
  • Wednesday: BBQ pork, beets, onions
  • Thursday: burgers, avocado, salad, onions
  • Friday: cod, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts
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Monday Monday ... Just not motivated much at work this morning. I have so much that I'd rather be doing at home. Ever feel that way? Just too much to do, I guess.


Last week I injured my hip at Zumba - go figure. Was limping around pretty good all afternoon (Thu) and into Friday. I realized that the more I kept moving, the better it felt. Which was good because I don't sit too much on the weekends; unlike my desk jockey job where I'm on my arse constantly. It really helped me work out the kink which I think was more a pulled something (muscle, tendon, ligament) than anything else. It was really sore right on that spot for a bit but no worries now. <whew!>


I did notice that my hips are all out of whack again - GRRR! I have so many issues with my hips/pelvis/sacrum holding an adjustment. Really ticks me off. I'm sure Zumba doesn't really help - all that swayin' of the junk in the trunk :P  - but it's fun & I enjoy it. Guess that's what my chiro is for: I mess myself up, he puts me back together. I'll go see him just before lunch today to get snapped back in place. I need to figure out what I can do to help hold these adjustments; going weekly just isn't practical since he has really wonky hours.


Meal plan for today:

  • Breakfast was leftover mushrooms sauteed with some spinach, added 3 eggs (no other meat this time) & a container of guac with coffee + coconut milk
  • Lunch is packed & will be warming up before I leave for chiro: leftover roasted chicken (white meat), broccoli & butternut squash (can't remember if I threw in some brussel sprouts or not)
  • Dinner changed: bbq pork ham roast in crockpot with carmelized onions & carrots; will roast up some broccoli to go with
  • No plans for snacks as I believe I've packed enough to keep me satisfied all day


Hoping to get to the pool tonight but that will depend on two things: contractors (have another to call) & getting kids' snacks baked up for school the rest of the week as I ran out of time yesterday.


Back to our busy karate schedule this week :ph34r:  ... Must admit that I really enjoyed having last week of!!

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I have the same problems with my back.... Aggravating. However I started doing some exercises that focus on back and core and now I go to chiro once a month with an occassional visit in between. Good luck!


Upper, lower? I'd be curious what exercises you may be doing. I'm definitely a pelvis/sacrum problem person and it has not gotten any better even with an 80 pound weight loss. I do use my foam roller but will admit to not being consistent with it. That's something I should really try to do every night when my kids are doing their 5 minutes of stretching for karate.

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I made some amazing cinnamon apple muffins for the kids' snacks this week last night. Usually I do it all on Sundays but I ran out of time with all the kitchen project stuff I was doing. Anyway ... I had a bite of one when it was still warm (they said they had to do the taste test - LOL!) and it was pretty darned good! I get the whole "sex w/ your pants on" concept for Whole30 but am just not sure that I buy into that. Maybe it's because I have had so much success on the 21 day sugar detox where we can make things like pancakes, waffles & muffins as an occasional treat... 




Today's Plan:


  • Breakfast: leftover grilled chicken & roasted brussel sprouts; coffee + coconut milk
  • Lunch: leftovers from last night (pork roast, onions, carrots & broccoli) + Cran-Raspberry LaCroix
  • Dinner: Asian stiry-fry/goulash (made it Sunday) with beef, cabbage, onions, carrots
  • Snack: homemade applesauce (if needed)


ZUMBA DAY! Lord keep my hip happy!


Back to karate this week so that means lots of scurrying around after work. The night seems to just fly by!

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These two websites are a good place to start. I think mayo site is better to begin, then work up to the webmd site. Anything that works the core will strengthen the back also. When I was lifting weights, I would balance on the bosu (sp) ball at the same time. Once comfortable balance on two feet, would use one foot. (Ie kettle bell exercises)

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Hump Day! :) :) :)


You know what? I'm finding that I don't even think about the fact that I'm doing a Whole30 right now (or sugar detox). It's just become my way now. Yes, there have been some temptations that made me snap back into reality & I remember my commitment to 100 days of no sugar. But, for the most part, I'm all tiger blood right now. Feels amazing!!!


The only thing I'm missing right now is having a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine for Valentine's Day. I'll make do, though... I may off-road & make something chocolate that's 21DSD (like moo-less mouse) but if I don't think about it, I'll be sure to forget. I do treat LaCroix as a nice treat at night in place of that glass of wine.


Cleaning out my kitchen the past weekend led me to find my small Bodum coffee press. I've had this thing for a 100 years or so ;) . OK, not really 100 years but I'd say more like 20. Anywhoooooooooo ... This thing makes an AWESOME cup of tea!!! I treated myself to some "fancy tea" (read: loose leaf) this fall and made a cup last night using the press. Wow!!! I'm in heaven. I'm going to run home at lunch today & think I may bring it back with me to make an afternoon cup of tea. (Biscuits anyone  :D  )


One thing that I am definitely noticing is that I'm not eating enough. And, I know this because I'm foraging through the kitchen at night. Especially with my Zumba class 2x/week, I need to make sure I'm getting enough because it's night-time noshing that gets me in trouble. Yesterday finished out alright - add in an after-karate snack of mango & sausage (odd combo ... yikes!). I didn't eat enough dinner so I heated up some more as well.


Today's Meal Plan (goal: eat enough)

  • Brekkie: green eggs (spinach blended w/ 2 eggs in my bullet) with sauteed mushrooms & onions, 2 pcs bacon (homemade) coffee + coconut cream concentrate
  • Lunch: chicken bacon ranch salad w/ avocado
  • Dinner: ham, roasted butternut squash, mashed cauli
  • Snack (if needed): banana + sunbutter + coconut


I need to get my butt in the pool tonight! A massive cold front is sweeping through and it's going to get down to 3 tonight; however, it's the warm night when looking at the next week. So, while it's sometimes hard to get my butt out of the house when it's so cold, I'll look at the rest of the week to put it into perspective. Sunday's low is -14 ... YIKES!!


Have a great day! :)

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Zumba ... Zumba ... Zumba ...


Wow, what am I going to do when this 6-week session is done? :o


Didn't get in the pool last night. This dang kitchen project is going to be officially starting construction SOON so now I'm pressed for time to get packed up. Not getting this done means more $$ out of pocket. So, need to really get things packed & the cabinets uninstalled so they can begin their work. I'll be so sad to lose my appliances!! :(


Plan for today is good...

  • Breakfast: 2 eggs, spinach, leftover ham, mushrooms & onions with coffee + coconut cream concentrate
  • Lunch: my Asian skillet leftovers from the other day & LaCroix
  • Dinner: burgers on the grill w/ avocado (maybe I'll make some homemade ketchup), roasted beets & salad w/ ranch dressing
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Happy FRIDAY the 13th!! I'm not one for superstition but I do certainly work with some who are. Kinda funny to observe people who blame every unexpected event today on the date. What!?!?!?


So, tomorrow is Valentine's Day :wub: which means chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Or does it? For me - nah! Not only because of this Whole30 but because of my commitment to my 100 (plus) days of no sugar. Now I know that I could make something that would be considered "21DSD-compliant" and still have chocolate in it. Just doesn't sound good to me.


DO YOU REALIZE WHAT A HUGE WIN THAT IS? Not just for anyone but FOR ME!!


It's crazy... I consider myself an addict - food addict, specifically. Carbs: bread, cookies, cake, brownies, chocolate, candy... I'm a recovering binge eater; I know that and I've been able to keep my binge eating under control for almost 2 years now. How? Taking it day by day & not focusing on the problem but rather ensuring that I'm eating enough each day and not put myself in situations where I'm tempted to binge. What situations? Boredom is #1. And by boredom, I mean lack of motivation to do anything that requires energy. I try to do stuff - even if it's just painting my nails - to keep myself busy enough to not want to just mindlessly eat and eat and eat. Do I get bored? Of course I do! That's where self-control has also come into play for me. I know it's not the answer for everyone with BED but it sure has helped me tremendously.


Now, onto today's plan - and Saturday's best guess:


  • Breakfast - coffee + coconut cream concentrate, leftover chicken & beets (had 2 pcs of cracklin chicken in the freezer from last week that I forgot about; yes, leftover cracklin chicken is unheard of & if you've never made it GO NOW AND MAKE IT!)
  • Lunch - I'll toss together a salad again (chicken bacon ranch avocado)
  • Dinner - clean out the fridge night so there's some chicken, ham, turkey & hamburgers plus whatever veg I cook up


Saturday I'll have veggie/eggs/bacon for brekkie, we'll go out for lunch after karate as usual (burger + guac, salad), dinner is seafood night for v-day. I think we're having crab legs & mussels.


We're targeting a start date of March 2nd for the kitchen so the next 2 weekends we'll be doing more packing up. That means on the 28th/1st, we'll have to remove our cabinets & appliances. BETTER GET BATCH COOKIN' NOW! :o

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