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Not following the timeline?!


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They're just a general guideline. Some people will experience every single thing mentioned, on the days mentioned. Others will experience some but not all of them. Some will find they experience many of the same things, but not on exactly the same timeline. Some won't experience any of it at all. It all just depends on you. If you were eating pretty close to Whole30, you're less likely to experience the negative stuff in the beginning. If you weren't eating close to Whole30 at all, but still didn't experience those things -- just consider yourself lucky and keep going. :)

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I was already eating Paleo before I started Whole30. I just LOVE cheese. I still miss enjoying it but it's not a craving. I've basically cleaned my fridge out and I NEED TO go shopping for more meats.



Breakfast: Sweet potato hash

Lunch: Egg frittata(stuffed with ground pork, tomatoes and mushrooms) and sauteed spinach and asparagus

Dinner: Ribs (made with my own dry spice rub) and a shaved broccoli/Brussels sprout dinner with Whole30 compliant Tessamae's dressing



Breakfast: An apple and Lemon larabar (there was an emergency so I had to rush out the door)

Lunch: 6 oz. turkey patty on a bed of lettuce with sauteed onions and mushrooms and a side salad with olive oil and lemon as dressing

Dinner: Leftover tropical chili (ground turkey, red/yellow/orange bell peppers, jalapenos, water, chunks of pineapple and spices) with Kale


Tuesday (A little repetitive) 

Breakfast:  One egg, 2 slices of proscuitto, one large apple and kale

Lunch:  One egg, sauteed kale and broccoli in extra virgin coconut oil

Dinner: Ribs (made with my own dry spice rub) and a shaved broccoli/Brussels sprout dinner

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You're definitely not eating enough at breakfast to maintain nutrition. Sunday and Monday don't have any protein and Tuesday is way too light. A serving of eggs is as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping. For most people that is at least 3 if not more. Proscuitto is paper thin, it barely counts as protein. (same goes with your lunch on Tuesday, not nearly enough food). Veggies should be at least 1-3 cups, more if it's salad greens.

Here's the meal template, it's how we recommend to best set up your meals for optimal results. http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf

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