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The Beginning of the Beginning!


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Hi Everyone! I have started a Whole 30 before but did not finish, so I'm starting again but this time it's going to have a different outcome. I signed up to get the daily E-mail for support and extra motivation. For me it's really easy to make great food choices during the day, until the sun goes down, that's when things start to get ugly :ph34r: I didn't need to do anything special at the grocery store or in the way I prepare foods and ready myself for the week. I am living with a family that does not follow this way of eating, so the same battles will still be in place for me. The thing that is different though, is that I will be handling the evenings differently. I'm sure my husband and teenage boys will still be having Cheez-Its and other things in front of me during tv times, but I'm going to head upstairs to bed a little early and literally remove myself form the temptation. I did a practice run last night so the guys know what's coming. Anyhow, I know it should seem like I can just say no, and a lot of times I will eat even healthy things during the tv times, but the point is that I know I do not need that late snack, and I am having such a hard time burning fat since I'm overfeeding myself. So today was offically Day 1 and all went well...but it's still only 5:00 pm. I know I can do it, and will probably just start a log here and check in evenings to keep myself on track.

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