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I'm on day 16 of my whole30 and have been experiencing heartburn lately.  I've never had it in my life and am wondering if others have experienced this or if anyone knows why this may be happening?  The only thing I can think is that my stomach is empty more often than it used to be as I used to eat little bits through out the day and now I often go hours between eating.





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Basically heartburn is a signal of low stomach acid (the opposite of what we are led to believe).  So what you want to do is build up your stomach acid so it is able to digest better.  Some people have luck with adding digestive enzymes in, or adding some healthy probiotics to help with overall gut flora.  We recommend getting probiotics in fermented food form - like, sauerkraut, kimchi, or kombucha - before going for the pill form.


If either one of these don't work then the next step is to take a Hcl supplement.

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