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Reflection on my First Whole30 Experience


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Hoping this is the most appropriate place to post this topic...



Staying strict and compliant really helped with my discipline and I'm so ready to move forward and take what I've learned and incorporate it into my everyday routine. I've come to the realization that the reason why I even decided to take on this challenge is because I really do care for myself. It used to be hard to believe that I could ever love myself but once you see that that's all you have, is love, then its easy to want to give that back. Whether that's give it back to myself in the form of self-care and self-love or share with everyone around me. It feels so good to know that I took the time this month to really be conscious of what was going into my body and being aware of my mind during this whole process of "detoxing" and adjusting to changes. It's exactly what I needed after a holiday season that lacked discipline, awareness, and relaxation of the monkey mind.


I wrote more on my reflection on my blog: http://happyhealthyinlove.blogspot.com/


Thanks to everyone who supported me through this and I'm excited to continue living this way! There is no other way to want to live!


I'm happy, hopeful, healthy, and scared all at the same time, but ready to take on the road ahead of me.


Best wishes to anyone out there starting the Whole30 and congrats to everyone who finished!







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