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First Whole 30 February 1st!


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You can absolutely do the Whole30 using the forums and the information provided at Whole30.com


The book, It Starts With Food, is an amazing resource that explores more of the "why?" behind the recommendations.  If you are a logical sort, you may find that information useful in negotiating your Whole30.


The daily emails are the other paid resource that you can use if you choose.  They are daily, motivational emails that folks swear by for accountability, extra info, cheerleading & motivation.  It's totally up to you if you choose to go that route.


If you are just going to use the forums and the website, search the forum for any questions by using google, it's the most efficient way. Just Google "Whole30 + your question" and you will get hits on just about everything.  If you're wondering it, chances are it's been asked, answered and discussed already.  And of course, if you need extra help or guidance, the forum, the awesome members and the moderators are all here for you!

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