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31-1-15 whole 30 and HRT start date


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This is my third or fourth attempt at a clean whole 30. Completed one last year and since then I have been told I am pre menopausal by my GP as I have all the symptoms of PMS but every day !!! Anyway debated long and hard , tried natural remedies worked a little for a little while but I have accepted I cannot continue and just accept that I feel so awful and crappy so tomorrow I start a small dose of HRT and a new whole 30. Walking is my exercise at the moment and I guess have about 28lbs I would like to shift

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I was in the same boat as you; resisted HRT for at least 2 yrs.  At present I've gone thru menopause.  Was still having sweats, so then last year decided to go with bio-identical HRT, since at least it's not artificial hormones.  It's my understanding that the risks are lower with the bio-id's. 


I'm on day 20 of a clean w30. I guess with all my hormones trying to re-balance, the night sweats returned during week 2.  But I am sleeping MUCH better, and sweats are subsiding.


I also do a lot of walking and some cardio with weighted gloves.

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Thank you it's reassuring to know it passes . Bio hormones are not on offer from my GP but I have weighed up staying feeling like I do or taking HRT . Day 1 nearly passed and slept badly last night so looking forward to getting a better sleep tonight.

Will let you know how I get on

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Hi:  I am a 57 year old women who is on HRT low dosage.....I have been doing Whole30 for 3 months and I have lost weight but it was in the first two months mostly.  It really hasn't changed since then..  I was wondering if the HRT is affecting my weight lose.  I do feel better but do need to lose weight too to help with knee issues.  Anyone have some insight into this issue?

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