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Success, yes....but what does that mean?


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 Well, here it is - my 'warts and all' account of my Whole30 journey!


Should I start out by yelling "yay me, I did it and I feel great!"? That's subjective and yes, I am proud of losing 4.6kg in 30 days (or just over 10lbs), and I DO feel a hell of a lot better than I did on December 31st 2014. So why am I not yelling 'yay me"?


 I'm an over-analyzer, zoning in on what I could have done better, instead of celebrating all the successes I've had.


Step 1 - self evaluation - don't dwell on what didn't go well, look at what you've achieved!


I'm in two minds about how I feel today. Whilst 4.6kg is a great weight loss for 30 days, I didn't exercise (my own fault) and I feel I could have improved my muscle mass, decreased fat loss and acheived an even greater body transformation if I had.


So, what have I learnt from that? Get off your butt lazy bones!!!


Like I said above, I'm an over-analyzer, so below is the detailed record of what happend to my body, based on what the bathroom scales tell me and my trusty tape measure...


Height – 1.65cm/5’6” – healthy weight – no more than 68kg

1st Jan

Weight 78.2kg

Body Fat 36.2

TBW 44.4

BOM 3.7

Kcal 1697


31st January (Whole30)

Weight 73.6kg (difference 4.6kg)

Body Fat 32.5 (fat - up to 35 is in the healthy range)

TBW 47.1 (total body water healthy range 45-60%)

BOM 3.3 (Average bone mass for my weight should be 2.4% (is this good?)

Kcal 1597 (Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) - I need to build more muscle!)


Waist 103 to 97cm

Hips 110 to 108cm

Chest 102 to 99cm

Arms 33 to 33cm

Thighs 69 to 65cm


My name is Leanne, I'm a 46 year old wife and mum of 2 teenage boys. I live in Sydney, (Australia) & work full time (although I have been on Summer Holiday annual leave for most of my W30 luckily)!


During the month of December I had made the decision that my weight was really making me feel uncomfortable - in so many different ways, and that after NYE 2014 I intended to do a detox to start the new year in the right way. I purchased a $20 bottle of some type of detox potion (complete waste of money because I never used it!), and shortly after Christmas I started flicking through Health magazines for detox inspiration. I stumbled across an article in 'Women's Health' which mentioned it might be a good idea to embark on a Whole30 in the new year, so of course I had to find out more about this Whole30 and why it was such a good idea.


After trawling through the W30 website and reading, reading, reading, I realised this was exactly what I was after and that Jan 1 would be an ideal time to join a group of like-minded people so we could share the journey together and support each other.


A bit of history about myself, I've always been a 'slim' person, as a child & teenager even strugging to put on weight, but over the years of course age hasn't been kind to my body and I found myself piling on the kg's. I always hovered around the low 60kg's/132lbs+, but over the past 3-4 years I've seen my weight creep up steadily to the weight I reached prior to Jan 1 2015 - around 15kg's/33lbs more than my ideal (healthy) weight.


I can't hide the fact that my good friends - wine and champagne, played a role in my weight gain, but after having sugery on my back in early 2012 when I was 42, I went through early mennopause which was a huge shock to me - I thought you had to be greying at the temples and half way to retirement to be at this stage of life...My middle area hasn't been the same since, so much fat accumulated there that my self esteem slowly started to die away. I was turning into a 'fatty' and the only way to take my mind off it was to drink more wine!


Fast forward to January 1st, 2015.


I joined a Whole30 thread called 'Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st, Join me' http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/23414-anyone-planning-to-jump-in-on-january-1st-join-me/page-54 - best thing I could have done, absolutely!


On Jan 1 I made a list of my pre-W30 ailments (as was suggested). Below is my list:


Aching joints especially left ankle and knee **

Post nasal drip/congestion/throat clearing and sniffing

Dry skin **

Cellulite **

Bloating **

Stubborn weight gain/inability to lose a convincing amount of weight **

Fuzzy headedness/poor concentration **

Poor sleep **

Tiredness in the early evening **

Lack of energy **

Early menopause

Cold sores

Dermatitis **

Lowered self esteem **

Guilt and self loathing about drinking habits which could not be broken **


** indicates quite a lot of improvement at Day 31! I call that a success, don't you!!!


The biggest achievment for me has been putting a stop to my nightly booze binge. Sipping away at a glass of wine, until the whole bottle was gone, night after night. I felt foggy headed, sluggish, guilty (but I never really felt hung over or drunk strangley enough)....maybe I just didn't know what 'great' felt like?


Undertaking the W30 foreced me to put a stop to this terrible 'habit' (and it was a habit I couldn't previously end). I was talking honestly and openly with my thread friends and I can hand on heart say I did not cheat even once! I'd only be cheating myself if I did.....


Moving forward, I've learnt the following from this amazing journey which still continues for me:

  • Coffee was my saviour! I've learnt to drink coffee with coconut milk - and by Day 25 I actually started to enjoy it!
  • I am more than content to sip a glass or two (or three) of mineral water with ice & fresh lime juice at night and I WILL allow myself to have the odd wine or champers, I just know it's a 'no brakes' item I have to be careful of!
  • I am a serial snacker and I hate to think how many calories I consumed by eating 'healthy treats' pre W30. I now know I can survive on 3 nutritious meals a day and the odd snack.

That's it!


I'm happy, I'm moving forward and I've now got a whole arsenal of W30 tools, tips and friends to help me continue in the right direction.


Thank you for being there for me Whole 30!


Much love - Leanne xx

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Height – 1.65cm/5’6” – healthy weight – no more than 68kg


Yay Leanne! It sounds like you had a lot of success, and I'm really glad for you.


I can be a "data" obsessed person, so I sympathize with your metrics above but I can not resist pointing this one out. I can tell you right now that "healthy weight" is not nearly as black and white as this. I would hate for you to get bound up in a number that has no meaning! You state that you can not be at a healthy weight if you weigh more than 68kg. What is the basis for this? 68kg puts you at a BMI of 24 (25 is considered "normal" for women). BMI is somewhat notorious in that it does not take muscle mass or bone density into account. SO, you could be a very healthy and fit person with greater than average muscle mass or bone density (like you do!) and BMI would consider you over-weight, yet you won't let your mind rest until you are well UNDER the upper threshold that BMI considers "normal"?  :blink:


How do you feel? Are you healthy and strong and able to do what you want to do? Pay attention to that. Get more of that (and bin the scale. it's not useful).

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GO Girl! I too fell off exercise trajectory but that's because of fluctuating energy. I figure I'll get bak into habit again starting this month. GOOD FOR YOU! In fact, I would encourage you to say that to yourself often, several times a day.  :)

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Fabulous results! Really, that's all that needs to be said - you're proof that in just 30 days your life can be changed by Good Food :)

(And I wish I'd made a list of pre-w30 ailments like you have! How good is that to see all the improvements listed in black and white like that!)

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Wow - thanks for all your amazing feedback guys, it seems that I have underestimated my success!


How do you feel? Are you healthy and strong and able to do what you want to do? Pay attention to that. Get more of that (and bin the scale. it's not useful).


Missmary, I'll try to take your advice and break up with my scales, although pre W30 daily weighing was a part of my life. You'd think I'd learn!! This morning (because I wasn't told I couldn't), I weighed myself to see more 'magic' and I had gained weight!!!!!!  Lesson learnt, I'll try to refrain from anything more than a monthly weigh in and just rejoice in feeling slimmer, fitter, healthier and happier (as I do now)! :D  :D :D  

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