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wulfie's Success Story :D


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This Whole30 has gone by so fast!  I think what they say about each one building on the previous ones is very true.  I've done a couple Whole30s now with some Whole3s, 7s, and 14s thrown in.  lol  However, I don't think things really stuck until this time around.


I've been dealing with sugar issues for most of my life, but with this W30 all my cravings are gone!  I've often thought that I would never be free of these cravings, and that I'd just have to learn to deal with them at some point.  But now, I just want Good Food!  And I want to go to the gym everyday (though I do take rest days, don't worry!), and I want to work and do chores and be outside with my dog.  Those last few things have to be the biggest surprise...wanting to do things!  I'm no longer slumped in a chair in front of the T.V.; I'm out and about looking for experiences.


I've decided to continue on to a Whole60, so I've not taken measurements or weighed myself (there is not a single scale in this house  ;)), but am going to take pictures for this round.  The decision to continue was pretty easy.  This is the first time I've felt that I just want to continue eating this way, not that I have to.  I don't feel bound by the rules, but rather liberated!




-sugar dragon vanquished

-sleeping more soundly

-waking up early (when the sun comes up)

-going to bed at a decent hour (around nine)

-falling asleep quickly

-more energy

-more even energy!

-stronger at the gym

-recover faster

-inflammation all over has gone down

-can fit into two pairs of skinny jeans

-wanting to do things

-no mental fog

-softer skin

-clearer skin

-nails growing faster

-not having to wash my hair as often

-wanting to eat Good Food

-wanting to exercise

-wanting to work :blink:


Whew!  Can't wait to see what the next 30 days bring!   :D

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