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Whole30 Experience - transformation testimonial

Raquel Waters

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Started the Whole30 on Jan 1st and finished Jan 30 - I am a vegetarian so had to make a few changes (no meat, some beans cooked appropriately).   I absolutely hate to cook so this program meant a lot of different things to me.  Main reason to do it was to get off of sugar - sugar was controlling me as it always has.  I was tired of being tired, tired of feeling like absolute crap everyday, and something had to give.  Thank God my friend found the Whole30 and shared it with me!!  I may not be able to be 100% compliant because of being a vegetarian but this program helped me in so many ways it's unbelievable.  I'm considering eating chicken again but I am just not there yet ;)  


Here are some pro's from my 30 days: 


Suffered for at least 5 years from daily allergies - seriously felt horrible everyday!  I had allergy testing done and tested positive for dust mites, molds, and several tree's.  I also live in middle TN which is one of the worst places to live for allergies.  Since day TWO of the whole30 I have felt better - it's incredible!!  I had been taking allergy shots for the past 6 months, using the highest dose of nasal spray daily, taking an allergy pill with pseudophedrine in it and taking 2-8 advil a day.  I have used my nasal spray once and have taken 4 advil ( I get bad headaches the day before my menstrual cycle).  


I also use to take tylenol PM regularly and have only taken it a few nights.  I now go to bed very tired and wake up feeling awake!!  It's very strange for me to feel that way in the morning - I like it :) 


Cooking has become not such a chore, though still a challenge.  I have cooked for 30 days in a row - I have never ever even cooked for five days in a row. LOL  


Obviously, I won't be able to eat a Paleo diet but I will be eating as close to it as I can.  


Thank you so much Melissa and Dallas!!  I'm so glad you all didn't ignore the call to create this program and I appreciate all of your hard work - which by the way, I know was a ton of work for you, it did not go unnoticed!   I feel empowered now - I feel like a different person - after 20 years of being unhealthy (I use to be an athlete) and making excuses for myself, I am committed to myself to BE Better!   (and I lost 10lbs) 

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