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Hooray for small victories!


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Moving kids from a SAD to a whole foods diet is hard. My oldest son is an adult so his food choices are 100% out of my hands now. He eats pretty well and since he has just moved home for a 6 month period I think it will get a lot better.


My younger two are 9 and 6 and the 9 year old son is on the Autism spectrum so has issues with food texture and smell. 6 year old daughter is extremely picky.


I am W30 right now but the kids are not, they are eating a lot of W30 foods because I do the vast majority of the cooking but they do have access to whole grain bread, homemade jam (with sugar), the occasional can of Campbell's soup and lots of dairy.


About 2 months ago I stopped buying Kraft Peanut Butter and replaced it with natural peanut butter. DS took the change surprisingly well but DD was pissed. When the jar of natural PB ran out I bought almond butter. Again, DS was surprisingly okay with it but DD refused to even try it.


Today she was whining for a peanut butter and banana sandwich made with white bread and the sweet PB. Obviously not going to happen as we have neither white bread nor PB in the house. So I sliced up a banana and put some roasted almond butter in a bowl and started eating it. After watching me eat a few bites she decided to try it and LOVED IT!


I'm really, really happy whenever these small victories happen. One more nasty "food" removed from the house and replaced with a healthy alternative that the kids actually like!


The last big victory was the kids not only eating salmon for dinner but asking for seconds.


What are your small victories with your kids?

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We haven't completely gone whole 30 yet, but slowly have weaned off of dairy, breads, etc as we have run out of them. I have done a whole 30 myself, and soon will do the whole 30 with the family. I find every meal that I make that is whole 30 compliant that the kids enjoy small victories. If we eat a meal and we get no complaints, it is a huge victory!

We're almost out of PB so we'll be going to almond butter next.

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