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How my results has changed both me and my friends


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I weighed my heaviest at a tight size 12, 5'2" in the beginning of 2014. The whole30 program rules were staring me in the face and I was terrified, but nothing else worked. I had to do this, I had to try. But I love bread! No. I want something more. So with zero support and without reading the book, only the rules and a shopping list, I was determined. That was tough, maybe even harder than quitting cigarettes cold turkey. But, for the first time in my life, I saw something through. I lost 13 pounds and was now a ten. I felt great! I unfortunately learned I have a serious sensitivity (if not allergy) to gluten. But I love bread! Since I didn't read the book, I didn't know that replacement gluten is just more crap and it would lead to me gaining some weight back and feeling addicted to everything carb all over again. So began my second whole30 and reading the dang book. This was life changing! I had tiger blood from about day 3 on. My culinary skills were honed, my planning brilliant. The hardest part about this whole30 was my fiance. He didn't understand why this was so important and why we couldn't go out to eat. Whenever we did, it would frustrate me that my food was boring and expensive and it would frustrate him to hear me complain when this whole30 was my idea anyway.

I made it through the month easy peasy and I looked great! It's important to mention I added the exercise component this time around. I went to a crossfit box 3 times a week for bootcamp classes. I became addicted to the classes and started to gain muscle and trim down with both whole30 and workouts together. I learned what foods make me bloat or give me a headache. I know food without brakes and when to just say no. I make compliant meals all the time because they are delicious and everyone enjoys my food. I continued to trim down during the months after. People at work are noticing. The secretary called me skinny mini, I never thought someone would even think that never mind say that to me. One woman, not even due to my influence has started her whole30 this month and I can see the difference. She says the best part is that the inflammation in her knees and hands is virtually gone. She will stay Paleo as have I.

The most rewarding part of this experience is inspiring my friends to want what I have. All of my bridesmaids are at least 2 1/2 hours away and don't get to see me very often. I met them to pick out their bridesmaid dresses and they gasped when I took my jacket off. Audibly gasped. "What are you doing and how can I do it?" Well let me tell you this program that changed my life... Two of the bridesmaids are doing the program. One is three weeks in and has tiger blood already. She tells me how I've been so helpful and such an inspiration. She's thinking a whole 60 might be the best for her. I can't wait to see the transformation when we go back to the bridal shop for her to get measured. I'm so happy for her! She's a lifer just like me. Then the other one is doing it with her husband and starting the same day as me, Feb 8. I'm doing this third W30 to help support friends who are starting their first. Lastly my fiance has agreed to do it as well. He is doing it for the weight loss and to support me. I only hope he experiences some non scale victories so he sees the true value and potential the program provides.

So the moral of the story is, my physique, my attitude, my sleep, my glow, my health has all been improved by this wonderful program. And now I'm so thrilled to have it impact the people closest to me. I hope it puts that stupid silly grin on their faces too. And that one day soon they can say to their friends, "oh thank you! Let me tell you about how I got healthy"...

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