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New to Whole30 - Feb 2 Start Date


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My name is Jae.

I'm 54 and don't remember a time when I wasn't in some sort of struggle with food.


I'm not a junk food person, or the type that binges, I've just never really understood food.

Last year some friends of mine at work wanted to start a fitness group that slowly took on 'getting it right' with workouts and diets and things.


I love the exercise part, yet I feel that the word diet is misleading, and sort of a slippery slope.

I may never love food, or eating, or preparing it, but I do want to understand it, what it does to my body, etc ...

And I don't want it to be for "X" number of days, until ... I've seen what happens and it's super sad ...


So, Feb 2 - food learning commences ... exercise is already pretty much in place ...



I honestly do NOT know how to cook - I have one pot, one pan .. no stove, one burner, and a microwave .. this should be fun ..



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I am so excited to start this tomorrow. I'm a health and fitness coach working on getting absolutely ripped for a Cancun vacation and maybe even to start bikini model competitions.  I've been "stuck" for a while now. I've realized my normal clean eating has put limitations on what I can accomplish.  I do notice when I'm eating dairy, I gain 3-4lbs and feel inflamed and don't when I back off. I haven't made the whole switch to whole30 yet and after seeing my friend's results, I want to try it.  I also struggle with bouts of depression and anxiety (anger) and horrible PMS so I'm hoping this will help me. 


Can't wait to meet all of you and get going!


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