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Whole30 for restaurant employees!


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You think it is difficult to go to a restaurant to eat while on Whole30?

Well, it is. You're right. Almost every dish -- even the "healthy" options -- have soy or dairy or gluten or some artificial chemical compound ingredient.

But imagine working there, and being surrounded by sugar saturated psuedo JUNK food for 14 hours at a stretch!

I need help. I need support and camradarie.

I've made it 7 days on Whole30 without cheating. I wasn't scheduled any doubles that week, so I could eat either lunch or dinner at home. But ever since then I have been stuck at work for long periods of time -- without a break to eat home-prepared meals! (need to whistleblow) -- with nothing but bread and (creamy) soup for sustenance. I go as long as I can without caving, but, you guys know, in the beginning, the body suffers from lack of energy while it's switching fuel sources. I keep crashing from a lack of carbs. And when you are on your feet, speed walking without cessation, for over half a day without stopping, you need either caloric energy (in any form available) OR support from friends undergoing the same thing.

If anyone is a restaurant employee and is trying to complete a Whole30, please give me some advice. What has helped you get through your long, long, busy, stressful shifts? Can we be friends???

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I'm a baker so I totally understand where you are coming from! The only thing that is working for me is making myself get up a little earlier than I already have to and making eggs and turkey sausage (I make the sausage once a week so in the mornings it is easy to grab and heat) I make sure I ALWAYS have lunch,left overs from the night before. On the days that I am super busy, I grab a plain roasted chicken from whole foods, mixed greens, balsamic, extra virgin olive oil, salt and peppa and boom the most amazing salad ever. Well not really but it works!!! It is definitely rough making cookies, cakes, breads and not "tasting" any thing! If anything, this whole 30 has made me realized how much I graze... oh you know just a nibble of a cookie here, slice of bread there, sample of cake frosting here..... I talked myself out of every temptation by telling myself that I already knew what a chocolate chip cookie tasted like and would not die If I did not eat it!

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