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starting February 6th :)


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Hola!  I started my 2nd Whole30 on Monday...YEAH FOR US!


One of the things I really like is prepping and being prepared (food wise) every Sunday, so the next week I don't have to make 1,000 trips to the store.  Planning meals and snacks was a big help for me.  Having raw veggies cut up or roasted and ready to eat really helped too.  I found if it's easily accessible, I would eat it without making a fuss!  Having a variety of nuts on hand was helpful for me as well.  That way I wouldn't get into the chips and crap that we had for the others in the family. 


Writing down what's going on in my brain and what I was eating also helped me get through each day a little easier.  Some days were horrible and other days were FABULOUS!  Go figure!  


Checking out Whole30 recipes NOW and getting those ingredients may be helpful as well.  Instrgram, Pinterest and Fbook have MANY MANY recipes!  


I hope you have a GREAT first week and let me know if there is anything I can do to make it easier for you!



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