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Started my Whole30 Today 2/2


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Hi everyone! I'm Kristin. I'm 26 years old and started my very first Whole30 today on 2/2. 


I'm getting married in October, and I'm ~40 pounds away from my ideal weight. I exercise 2-3 times per week (weight lifting & cardio) and eat pretty healthy meals. But, I have reached a weight loss plateau and would like to hit the 'reset' button to jump start that along with a few other things. 


Despite the rules, I'm optimistic that I can complete the challenge. I love veggies and eggs! I'm a pollo-pescatarian, so I only eat chicken and fish, which removes a bunch of the protein options, but it's not like I have to cut anything out of that part of my diet. The hardest part of this will be to remove cheese, greek yogurt and bread from my diet. 


Excited: To have more energy, to have less headaches, acid reflux, aches/pains, and be less irritable. I am also excited to stabilize my sugar levels. 

Nervous: That I will cheat by having bread, cheese or alcohol. 


Good luck everyone - I appreciate your support!




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I just started my second Whole30 today and I hope you will have the same amazing results I did the first time around.  I ate a TON of chicken last time and came up with all sorts of ways to cook it from posts from Instagram/Fbook recipes that are Whole30 compliant!  Even my husband and 13 yr old daughter loved the recipes.


If I can do this for 30 days...ANYONE CAN!  Let me know if you  have questions or need some ideas!



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Hey there!!  I also started my first Whole 30 yesterday.  My husband and I are going to use it as a good kick off to resuming our Paleo lifestyle.  We both lost over 40 pounds last year when we "went Paleo."


Yesterday went pretty well...and so far today is off to a good start...although I will admit that it is taking some getting used to not adding honey to my coffee and tea!!


So...1 down 29 to go...WOOT WOOT!!!


Good luck to you...



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