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Starting Whole30 - 2/5/15 - Ate my way through grief


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I talked a Whole30 twice in 2013 and did very well---losing 30 pounds, many inches, gaining tons of energy and a myriad of other wonderful things. 11/30/13 I lost my husband suddenly and basically lost myself as well. I've been floating around like a bobber on the sea eating my way through grief and popping pills to sleep (if I ever sleep) and stay even during the day. Depression has me in its grip so I need to do a clean slate and get rid of everything yucky and let the Whole30  help me with the things I can control----getting rid of the crutch of bad food, poor sleep, no energy and depression. 


I didn't want to connect with anyone earlier this year on hear as I didn't want to connect with anyone----in person or online. I went in to "hermit" mode and just didn't want to deal with things. I know have a new grandson and my son and his daughter-in-law have allowed me to take him on as a full-time charge when my daughter-in-law goes back to teach on March 9th. I think that gives me a great opportunity to get myself together and ready to enjoy that new life.


I will never get over the loss of my husband but it is something I have to learn to deal with---avoiding it hasn't done a thing for me in the last year.

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