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Today's the Day! 2/3 Start


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So! New plans, both for workout and for nutrition: Stronglifts 5x5 and Whole30. I tried a W30 before and half-hearted my way through 22 days of so before giving up. This time I want to whole-heart the full pull, and subscribed to the W30 Daily Whatsit for encouragement and accountability -- which is also why I'm participating in the forums.

Stronglifts looks fun and challenging, incorporates all the big compound lifts I like, and [best!] is free. Love the free. I did my first workout today and felt like a total knucklehead swinging empty bars around, but since the weight goes up 5lbs. every workout I'm just trying to concentrate on form and remember the plates will be stacking up soon enough. 

Weekly goals: Work out 3x/week. 100% Whole30 compliance. Dinner at the table at least 3x/week. In the bed by 11 p.m. at least 5x/week. No booze.

Long-term goals: Bodyweight squat and DL. Comfortable sitting in the cheap seats at Kings games.

Wish me luck.


Oh! About me: 41 F, 260, married, one kid, no job. Hi.

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