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~Daily Log~


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Hello! Only day 2 but I am SO excited. I have learned so much about food by starting this program. Many other plans leave me starving and I end up craving sugar in the p.m. Hoping this sticks.



Day 1


Breakfast- 2 poached eggs, spinach, olive oil, tomatoes,little bit of avocado

                 black tea

Lunch- Chicken with variety of vegetables, coconut oil.

Dinner- Salmon (lemon, basil, pepper),brussel sprouts, 1/2 sweet potato (cinnamon)

(WOOOT NO LATE NIGHT SNACK! I was actually satisfied, such a beautiful and rare thing)



Day 2


Breakfast- 2 poached eggs, spinach, olive oil, cauliflower

Lunch-  1/2 avocado, apple, 1/2 sweet potato

Dinner- (will be) salmon, brussel sprouts


As long as these three meals a day keep me full I will be a happy camper.


Any suggestions on easy meals to pack with you for lunch? That is the meal I struggle with most to plan.


Until next time,

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Hi akd, congrats on starting this adventure! Lunch is difficult for me as well, since I'm in between classes, but don't have time to go back to my apartment. Typically, I'll cook enough of some protein at the beginning of the week so I can use it for several days (this week it's ground turkey), and then will make some veggies to go with it the morning of. This lets me throw a lunch together quickly in the morning without having to worry about cooking very much.


Hope this helps!

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Day 3

Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 turkey sausage, kale, cauliflower AND a 1/2 banana monkey salad, what a meal

Snack :apple-- while studying. I definitely struggled here. Yes an apple is better than the usual two bags of vending machine cookies (mm miss those) but it still was                               me just caving into a craving to relieve stress

Lunch 3:00: 1/2 banana monkey salad, bite of chicken, bite of avocado, gulp of coconut milk and turkey sausage 

Energy level: afternoon stomach ache, low energy :/

Dinner; kale salad with carrots, chicken, mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes. 


Day 4

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs and mixed peppers

Lunch: apple with kale salad;mushrooms,tomatoes,sunflower seeds,flax seeds, avocado

snack: (came home stressed) had a handful too many of cashews and some coconut flakes




***Today a classmate brought in banana crumbled cake and I resisted the usual temptation of eating anything sweet that comes my way (woo!)


~However I am feeling extremely defeated. Yes, I have never ate this many vegetables over the course of 4 days, but I am not losing any weight and my energy level is  low. I felt more tired this week than any other week because I have had such trouble sleeping. Could all of this meat be giving me a stomach ache? I usually never buy it....

~Over the past few days I might have had a tad too many cashews but I don't think that would be enough to skew results....?
~I know I should be patient, but it's hard to be when you feel that you are trying your best and don't feel results. I will continue to try because I am stubborn.



Hope you all are having a good journey, what have you been struggling with?

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You're on day 4 of a 30-day program. It is not unusual to feel tired this early in the game. Have you checked out the timeline? It might give you some idea of what to expect throughout this process. And don't stress about the weight, I was convinced I wasn't losing any at all throughout my entire Whole30 but did end up losing some. Just give it time, follow the program, and don't worry about it.


You should also check out the meal template. You really do need to eat more, especially more protein. And you can add a serving of starchy veggie in every day and still lose weight, and many people find that having them, especially with dinner, helps their sleep. Try sweet potato; root vegetables like rutabaga, turnip, or carrot; plantains; or any of the winter squashes like butternut, spaghetti or acorn squash. Try to remember that you're trying to nourish your body so that it can work at its very best -- so you want to give it plenty of healthy, nutrient dense foods.


For meals you can pack and take with you, you could have tuna salad, egg salad, hard boiled eggs -- couple any of those with any raw or cooked vegetables. If you have access to a microwave to heat up your lunch, you could cook enough at dinner to have an extra meal or two and take that and heat it up. Soup is good, you can pack it in a thermos and it should stay hot for several hours.


If you feel like you're having problems digesting protein and fat, you might benefit from digestive enzymes. I'm not sure about brands, you'd have to look for one with compliant ingredients. Try googling Whole30 digestive enzymes and see if you can find more information. You might also find probiotics helpful, either from a pill, or that you get by eating raw, fermented foods like sauerkraut or kimchi.


Some people find that if they eat a lot of nuts (and that amount is different for everyone, an amount that's fine for me might be too much for you or vice versa) they can feel bloated.

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