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Frozen wild caught fish from wamart


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Hi I'm really new to whole30. I just finished reading It Starts with Food today.

I'm planning on starting after the next time I go grocery shopping. 

But to get to the point, I'm pescetarian so my only protein sources during this challenge are going to be eggs and fish which is fine with me because I already eat a lot of both.

My question is, is if the frozen seafood from walmart is acceptable to eat on this program? 

For the most part this is where I get all my fish from, because it's cheap and I'm a broke college kid.

I usually buy the 2 lbs of salmon for 9$ or the 4 lb tilapia for 12$ and it says wild caught on the packaging, I guess I'm just not sure if it's trustworthy and not just being misleading to increase sales? Wild caught fish at sprouts is so much more expensive so I don't see how walmart would get it so much cheaper.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any information anyone can provide!

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Yes, it's fine to eat the fish from Walmart.



I'm not sure if wild caught is a government label (like USDA Organic) that has certain standards to meet or not, but I don't buy that Walmart is any more likely to have labels with misinformation than any other store. The main reason their stuff can be so much cheaper is that they can purchase in massive quantities.

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