Valentine's Day- What CAN we have?


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My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary during our Whole30.


Congrats on having 2 anniversaries! :D


Other things we've made for special dinners: butternut and crab bisque with crispy prosciutto, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed pork loin or stuffed beef roast, salad nicoise, and roasted brussels sprouts with balsamic.


Great food ideas! 


I think anything can be special if you put the time and thought into making it special. A lot of the things I listed above are similar to things we have on a standard weeknight, but when they become part of a bigger menu or get a few extra touches, they can still be really special. Or get creative and draw some inspiration from one of your early dates, your first Valentine's together, or what you ate on the day you got married. That was why I made the potato/tomato salad for our anniversary--we had a huge caprese salad as one of the foods at our wedding reception.


I agree- thanks for the wonderful tips! 

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I ordered duck breasts from US Wellness Meats and they're worth every penny, imho! And here's the cabbage recipe:


No, I don't Whole 30 365, and I'm amid my fourth extended Whole 30. In between, though, I don't deliberately add a whole lot back in. I pretty much stick to the template, three times a day, plus a post workout meal when merited. I will have the occasional drink, relax certain rules for a worth-it special meal out (and suffer the consequences), and not worry as much about added sugar in things like ketchup or wine in dijon mustard. I've learned through reintroductions that dairy, soy, gluten grains are out; rice is OK, and some legumes are OK, but I know they're not optimal, so I don't eat them on the regular. I just feel so much better the closer I stick to Whole 30.


When the time comes, I recommend you do a proper reintroduction to figure out for certain what your problem foods are. Then you can decide how you want to ride your own bike for the long haul.


Thanks for that recipe. I took a break from the forum for awhile. I'm back and doing another Whole30 because I off-roaded mindlessly. This time, is MUCH better and I enjoy the support here. I found out that all sugar and grains are bad for me- they put fat onto my body, and I still have alot that I need to lose. 

I can do non-GMO tofu, homemade miso soup (yes, I even make my own dashi base from kelp and bonito flakes), and I can do some beans. I'm with you on the occasional drink- none for me now on Whole30 but when I was off-roading, I was having several drinks on my one night out during the week and was paying dearly for that. Sugar again, and craving grains and fried foods. 

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Traditionally, celebration food has been special for three reasons:


Effort/Presentation | Seasonal Availability/Cost | too unhealthy to eat regularly


I think the third one is obvious to give up if seeking to improve your health, but effort and presentation are available all year round, without any additional costs besides time :)

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