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We started our Whole 30 on January 26.  I must say that I was so nervous and overwhelmed, because we decided just to start suddenly, with very little preparation, other than discussing when we should start.  We kept putting it off for a "convenient" time, or a time where we'd be more prepared.  We finally decided to just jump in, because there would never be a perfect time.  The first day seemed ok........eggs for breakfast, black coffee was not that bad.......snacking on almonds, avocado, fruit, all yummy stuff.  Big yummy lunch salad, more snacks before my workout.  Delicious dinner, chicken, sweet potatoes, veggies, fruit before bed.  Then it got awful......hungry, tired, mentally cloudy all the time.  Can't focus on work, cannot sleep well, cannot run well, cannot lift well, grumpy, moody.  HUNGRY!  HUNGRY!  Can't figure out how much to eat.  Not enough food in the house, and not enough time to prepare enough food.  Eating almonds, more almonds..........what else can I eat.........what are good fats?  All my friends are so sick of hearing me talk about my food or lack thereof.........they all tell me to eat, don't eat, but stop talking about eating.  


Friday night, and I want a glass of wine so badly.  Didn't do it, yeah!!!  Day 6....awesome run, finally.  Leftover Sweet potatoes taste good during a run and after a run........didn't cheat on run with sports foods, yeah!  HUNGRY AGAIN.  Going out for dinner, what to eat, what to drink?  Water is so lame when out on Saturday.  I want wine, I want wine..............nope, just water.  Ordered a compliant meal  and it was tasty.  Day 7.........overslept......slept almost 10 hours.........so tired........happy, but tired.  


Learning to eat sweet potatoes more, veggies more, and protein more........veggies with everything!  Stayed inside all day......just didn't want to leave the house.  Tried to work, snacked, napped..........trying to regain focus and energy.  Late afternoon 18 miler on trails..........test out whole 30 fueling.  Sweet potatoes, strawberries, coconut water, buddy fruits, pickles........great run......felt so happy on the trails, and energetic.....I was flying.  So beautiful out in nature, constant energy, no bonking, strong legs.  


Days 8-10..........less hungry, more and more veggies, and eating "dinner" foods at breakfast and cold while on the go.  More energy, happy, more clear in my thoughts  Workouts awesome...........great pullups, good runs, and amazing sleep.  Feeling confident at work, and in my life.  


Anyway, those are some of my random thoughts.  I feel like I'm really on an upswing, and I'm so happy I stuck through the really tough days.  I know there will be tough days ahead, but I feel like I can do it!  I cannot wait to see how great my runs and workouts feel as I continue on my journey.  


I really appreciate the whole 30 resources, member blogs, links to recipes, stories, and the daily emails.  So much great information, helpful tips, inspirational stories, and inside information is helping get us through every day, and understand more behind this journey.  


So excited for What Day 11 will bring!!!!  



Regina the runner

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Yes, Days 5-7 I was wondering the same thing.  Everyone is different on this journey.  I know that with how much I exercise and at such intensity, I'll be different than others too.  I was in such a fog for a few days..  Every few days we find a few new, interesting things at the store, and try them out  We are not very creative and don't love cooking, but just finding a new veggie, or new compliant starch, spice, way to prepare, or combine it, keeps it tasty for me.  Day 10.......you are 1/3 the way there..............great work!!!!  There is an outline of how you'll feel every day, have you read it yet, because I found it funny and useful.  I am also getting the Daily emails, which I also find encouraging!  Keep up the great work! 

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