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Lgibson's Whole31-60


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Day 31 2/5

Things to work on this time around:
Exercise....what? I love to run. Should I be running? What's the deal with adrenals?
Staying AIP...I was so happy to figure out that this was my path
Keep planning and cooking ahead, it's worked so well
Add in more carbie veggies like sweet potatoes? I hate them. Look for different ways to cook them.
Keep trying new recipes but perhaps we don't need a "recipe" every night.
No dates for awhile. I craved them every night. Candy substitute, though I limited myself to only 2

Breakfast: breakfast balls, sauerkraut, cauli rice
Lunch: cabbage, hamburger skillet, salad, carrots, o/v, Apple
Dinner: roast, potatoes, carrots, onions  ended up eating a burger patty and broccoli


Very stressful day - shooting at the University.

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On Sunday, February 8 I received a call at 5:30 am, letting me know that my Dad had died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of almost 75. Dad had always been healthy. A retired Army LTC, he still woke up every day at 5:30 to do his PT. That was 3 weeks ago. That first week I spent in Missouri, far from home. I had no control at all over what food was brought in the house, and there was plenty of it. We were 45 min from the nearest grocery store, with no time or desire to shop. Wonderful women from 2 churches provided me and my siblings with wonderful meals: fried chicken, potato salads, cole slaw, desserts, etc. while I tried to do what I could, I had to eat.

That week was extremely stressful but when I got home, it was hard to get back to the Whole 30. I kept with good breakfasts and lunches but the snacking creeped in when I got home, which led to sugar and carb cravings. It's been exactly 3 weeks today since that phone call. I feel terrible and my sleep is a mess. Kelly came home from Korea yesterday, after 5 years, and we had pulled pork, potato salad, baked beans, and banana pudding. I had a small amount of beans and potato salad but then found myself buttering a hamburger bun and filling a bowl with pudding! I went to bed at 11:30 and woke up around 4:00, not being able to go back to sleep.

It's time to get things back to Whole 30 AIP so I can get back to feeling good about myself, good physically, and in control again. I am going to start another Whole 30 today. I thought about waiting until tomorrow but there is no reason to wait another day to start feeling better.

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