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D_maire Whole 30 Log


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Day 0 of another Whole 30 Reset - 


I've had great results from Whole 30s past: more energy all day long, clearer skin, amazing sleep and balanced moods.  But as life tends to happen, work stress sky rocketed in January and all my carefully monitored, good habits fell to the wayside.  I'm really proud of myself at staying gluten, dairy and soy free despite all the stress, but I relied too much on takeout and caffeine (and wine - not proud of that), ate sporadically throughout the day if at all, didn't sleep enough and let my sugar dragon take over.  My skin got patches of dryness and breakouts again, I'm perpetually tired and cranky, and am constantly looking for my next sugar fix.  (Not to mention the few pounds of bloat that not surprisingly crept up...)


Now that work has gone back (mostly) to normal, It's time to recommit to healthy habits.  My goals for this reset are to clear out my system from all the crap I ate in January, restart healing my gut and suss out those lingering irritants (is it FODMAPs? Nightshades? Some combo?), and to go back to sleeping better.  I know I can get back to that place of great skin, great sleep, great energy and hormonal balance I was in before the holidays.  I decided to start a log to keep myself accountable.**


Whole 30 #3 starts at breakfast tomorrow!!**


**  Really it starts with dinner tonight, but my downfall on this reset (I've been trying since Monday) keeps coming back to Day 1 breakfast.  I don't prepare it ahead, then I wake up exhausted after tossing and turning all night.  So I think, "meh, I'll start tomorrow instead" then just have coffee without food, setting up another day of bad choices.  Time to get back to a solid, template meal within an hour of waking.  I'm so much happier all day when I do that.  Time to make the commitment (publicly, so I can't shirk again).

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Day 1 - Meal 1, 7 am: Off to a decent start this morning.  Made time for a template breakfast.  I was feeling more hungry than usual, so had a palm and a half of pastured ground beef seasoned with cinnamon, sage and some salt, mixed up with about 1 1/2 cups of spaghetti squash and ~1 1/2 thumb size drizzles of coconut milk.  I also had half a cup of coffee with some coconut milk (full fat, organic, no additives).


I think more starchy carbs, more fat help in the morning to keep everything in line.  I've tried protein with spinach and coconut milk or mayo and I'm always much hungrier mid-morning.


Meal 2, 12 pm: Packed about a palm and a half of leftover roasted pastured chicken with another cup and a 1/2 of spaghetti squash (I ran out of time to prep more veg this morning - something to work on!) and about 2 thumbs of homemade, compliant sriracha and homemade mayo mixed together.


Meal 3, 7 pm: Fillet of cod, pan fried with ghee paired with 1 cup of roasted carrot zoodles, 1 cup roasted broccoli + 1/2 cup of wilted spinach tossed in some more ghee.


Moods/Energy: More energy with less coffee today.  I think a big dinner and big breakfast helped.  I was able to handle the 3 fire drills that came up at work this morning without any unnecessary angst.  We'll see what tomorrow brings, definitely expecting a little carb flu hangover as all the processed sugar and sweetened almond milk lattes get out of my system.


It's probably too many starchy carbs and protien for one day, but my cycle is set to start soon, so this is the week I've found that I get super hungry all the time.  I've also found it much easier going into a Whole 30 by eating on the higher end of the template during week 1 - being hungry all the time just makes the withdrawl symptoms that much harder.

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Day 2 - So sick!! Time for another restart :(


Meal 1 was great - a palm of ground beef with 2 cups of spaghetti squash and carrots roasted in ghee.  Then meal 2 happened ...


We ate out for meal 2 today at a restaurant that is usually pretty safe (as in my super celiac sister eats there on the regular without issue).  This time though I think my burger got cross contaminated.  I ordered a turkey burger with organic greens, carrots and some avocado.  I could feel it within 10 minutes of eating.  My stomach turned in knots and we had to get home.


Ugh - I hate being glutened.  I'm laying on the couch with a distended stomach, completely rebelling digestive system and overall swollen limbs.  My face broke out all over within a couple hours - that's a new one for me.


The way I'm feeling, I don't think I can keep down anything for meal 3.  I'll try to eat a little something tonight, but I'm not holding out much hope.  So needless to say - gluten (even accidental) = mandatory restart.  Definitely need to stay away from restaurants for a while.


I'll be back again tomorrow with another round 3, day 1!

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Round 3, Day 1 again - I still wasn't feeling very well yesterday, so I didn't get 3 template meals down, just one.  Off to a better start today though!


Meal 1: Thai style 2 egg omlette from Nom Nom Paleo topped with a compliant spicy sausage and roasted carrots.


Meal 2: Spaghetti squash and the last of the carrots with Nom Nom Paleo's Kalua Pork


Meal 2: Kalua pork with roasted brussels sprouts

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