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Day 9 for me!


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Hi All!

I am late in my introduction. Today is day 9 for me.

I have had a lot of success with beating cravings at this point. Chocolate and wine have been the hardest for me but so far no giving in.

I'm sleeping better, my joints feel WAY better (my whole reason for starting the Paleo way of eating) and I'm much more tolerant. Things/people who usually bug the heck out of me are not such a bother the last two days. That is huge.

I have a foot injury and cant really work out for another 4 weeks (it's been 2 weeks already). That has been tough and I miss my workouts a lot. The good thing is, I haven't put on weight since being unable to work out. I may even be losing. I have not given in and weighed myself.

I am having an apple with cinnamon about an hour after dinner almost every night. I hope that isn't surging my insulin up and causing me to sabbatoge myself.

Hang in there everyone!

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