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Day 5 - Noticed somthing new


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While the cravings are there....especially when I encounter triggers (the kids go to bed...I wanna eat; need a break at work....I wanna eat; I'm happy....I wanna eat....I'm sad...I wanna eat; I'm breathing....I wanna eat; etc.) I have noticed some positive changes:


  • I'm drinking a ton of water because I'm thirsty...I'm hoping the origin of this change is good and not a negative underlying consequence; however, I'm drinking a lot more water than I used to and I used to worry that I drank so little water that I must be dehydrated.
  • My skin has cleared up a bit
  • I'm not drinking copious amounts of caffeine. The cravings for it are there, but haven't been overwhelming. I would sometimes have 18 espressos and some coffee in one day - I know, that's bad, that's why I'm trying to change things.
  • I'm not feeling tired when I get home from work 
  • Mood swings are still present, but I believe I'm honestly better and more tempered then before I started the program which I find amazing.


I must remember to think the "heck with it moments" through to the other side. I might have a moment (even a day or two) of satiety and anesthetize my feelings if I pig out; however, I will be paying the emotional and physical price on the other side...clothes don't fit, why can't I just stop eating, can't I be normal, I'm tired, my body hurts, sleep stinks, skin is bad, I feel gross, I think I look gross, I'm not healthy, wonder if this is killing me, jealousy...


A note on jealousy. Other people might be able to eat differently (whatever they want) and appear or actually be fit. That's their business and blessing, not mine. I've done the research and have concluded beyond any doubt that I must eat healthy to be healthy and no amount of jealousy is going to change that; I need to mind my business and my blessings while being happy for others who are doing well and hopeful for those who are not.


That's it...I'm done.


God bless anyone who's interested; He is!


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