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Day 23 and no changes at all?


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I am on day 23 and I haven't noticed any changes at all, frankly. I started because my phys. therapist suggested an anti-inflammatory diet to see if it helped with some post-surgery swelling, but in talking to friends, reading up and looking at these forums, it seemed like their would be a whole host of benefits..feel better generally, have energy, less hungry, decreased allergies....the only thing that seems to have happened is slightly less hungry.  I feel more swollen, super tired and cranky, same allergies as always...


I think I am doing the program correctly, but maybe not? I read the book, so I understand the "rules".  But, I ran into trouble with fitting in the 3 full meals on work out days so on those days I am eating 2 full meals and 1-2 mini meals, and a handful of nuts or dried fruit here or there.  So it would look something like this:


8am Hard boiled egg 15 min, before exercise


10:30 or 11:00 mini meal low fat protein and carrots, peppers, etc (just a small snack to boost fat burning after exercise)


11:30 or 12:00 Brunch 3 eggs, veggies, 1/4 avocado or mayo, small fruit OR template lunch with a protein, veggies, and fats as required.


3:00 mini meal with some sort of protein and olives (or similar)


6:30 template dinner: tonight was roast chicken (with a ghee/rosemary/lemon rub), sauteed red cabbage with onions and apple cider vinegar, balsamic roasted brussel sprouts, small  potato with olive oil


sometimes another handful of nuts or some dried apples or dates


I tried to fit in all 3 meals but my schedule doesn't allow it. I don't have time before the gym and couldn't eat that heavy a meal anyway before. Could this be the problem? I feel like the idea is to be full enough to not want to eat b/w meals, and I understand the 1st meal sets that up, but I'm not very hungry b/w meals.  On non-workout days I am fine, eat 3 meals, maybe a few small snacks here or there.  


Maybe I didn't need an anti-inflammatory diet after all?????


I do like the whole30 approach to eating (3 hefty meals, less snacks, no processed stuff) but I am really wondering if I am seeing any benefits.  Following the food requirements has been incredibly time consuming and expensive, so if it's not doing anything for me, I would probably keep some of the ideas but add in healthy legumes, etc.







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I'm on day 40, and it's only been in the last few days that I have really noticed the changes. As in dropping from a size 18 to a size 14/15 in pants. There are others, like a general feeling of satisfaction and relief from constant craving of carbs. 


So I'm a newbie, but I would counsel you to hang in there for at least another week. I did have additional sugar cravings and crankiness late in the month. It looks to me like your eating plan is a good one (although I would defer to the many more experienced folks on this forum). 


I actually came on the forum today to express my amazement and happiness about how good I'm feeling, what a relief, after DECADES of grazing entire boxes of crackers or bags of Lays Classic Potato Chips in one sitting, to feel in control and able to stop eating after 8pm. Then I saw your post and wanted to lend some encouragement. Sounds like our contexts are different. But you've made it this far...why not just give it another week? You may be pleasantly surprised. And amazed at how the changes can sneak up on you and suddenly manifest.


Best of luck. 

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Super tired and cranky this far in is a sign that blood sugar and hormones have not yet regulated. This would probably be related to the somewhat erratic feeding schedule you are on.  The way to get the optimal results is to eat 3 large meals each day and not snack.  Snacking on dried fruit and nuts is detrimental to your success because it keeps hormones and blood sugar on a wild ride.


What time do you get up in the morning?  I'd be somewhat concerned that you are going from at least 8am - noon without any significant nutrition.  Lack of hunger first thing in the morning is another high sign that your hormones are out of balance.


The fact that you are eating your lunch at noon and then having a mini meal at 3pm means that your lunch is not large enough. Tweak your portions so that you are getting about 4-5 hours between meals.  This allows your digestive system to work properly, digesting all the macro nutrients in proper timing and then letting it "rest" between meals.


How much water are you drinking every day? How's your sleep and sleep environment? What's your stress like?

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thanks to both of you. I am suspicious that it is my schedule, but I am just not sure how to change it. I have sleep apnea, so I can't wake up before 7. Just doesn't happen, and if it does, I am all out of whack. I go to bed by 11:00 (got to go soon!). I have to get kids up and out the door by 8, so not much of a chance to eat a big meal.  Then I go right to the gym-If I don't go right then, I won't have another chance at all.  I try to eat an egg before and a protein/veg snack right after, but you're right, no major meal. Even if I could-I'm not sure I could do a full, heavy workout after eating that much. I am generally there for about 2 hours, because I have to do physical therapy exercises as well as the regular stuff.   


I drink a good amount of water, but could probably add more. 


I do wake up hungry, but I am hesitant to eat that huge of meal right before I exercise, since I exercise at a fairly high intensity. What do other people do? I can'tr imagine I am the only one who deals with this. I think the sleep apnea is the clincher, since I can't really get up any earlier to accommodate a large breakfast. Today was no gym so I ate the regular plan.  

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I have also noticed an increased sugar craving this week, so maybe this is a normal course of events. 



It also looks like I can't really do it 100% unless I can find a way to make it work with my schedule. That said, I really like the general idea behind it, and i find my tastes have changed in this short a time, so if that's all i did, that's pretty good.   I'm not done yet, still have a few weeks to go so I will drop the small nuts/snacks and see if I feel better, and try to figure out the breakfast stuff.  Kids at home all next week so no gym, so I'll see if I feel differently with a full 7 days of 3 large meals. 

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I guess I have one last question-am I not getting any benefit if I can't do it exactly? If not, I am not seeing any reason for continuing.  


All the foods you've eaten seem to be compliant, you haven't broken any of the Whole30 rules.  The meal template and the recommendation to eat three meals a day are just recommendations to help you get the best possible results. So, you're still officially doing a Whole30, and you should see some benefits. The closer you can come to the three meals a day based on the meal template, the better the results you're likely to see. Definitely keep going, keep trying to tweak things to get closer to the meal template, but even days you don't meet the template, if you're eating good, healthy food, you're doing something good for yourself.


Do you have a c-pap or something to help with the sleep apnea? If not, you really need to look into that, because the other thing besides food that will make a huge difference in your results is the quality of your sleep, and I know if your apnea is untreated, you're not getting good sleep every night.

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Thanks Shannon. The apnea is under control. But I am still luggage if I wake up before 7. I had to on Wed for a meeting (live in Boston needed to give myself 3 hours to get there!) but it's not ideal. 


If the one thing I end up taking away from all of this is HOW to eat, than that's a bonus. I used to eat snacks alllll the time, but now only once in a while, and it's usually fruit. I plan on finishing and easing into the problematic foods. I plan to try and keep the formula, but with more vegetarian options.

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