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Day 1 - want sugar!!

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Hi all - so this is day one, and I find myself wanting to eat any sugar I can! LOL - this is probably just an emotional/mental thing since it's just day one right??

I'm drinking water with an orange slice in it...that seems to be helping a bit.

What are your ideas on dealing with the sugar cravings?

On a typical day I would have coffee with non-dairy powdered creamer (it still had a sweet taste to it) and also candy of some sort or chocolate of some sort. My work always has cupcakes, cookies, candy and so on.

I am proud of myself for one thing though!! One of the ladies here makes AHMAZING cupcakes - and she offered one to me today and I said no thank you!

Thanks for listening!


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Sugar is ALWAYS the hardest for me as well. In my paleo/primal eating changes over this year... I didn't find getting rid of gluten much of a big deal, but the sugar.... *ugh* such a strong hold! On Day 1 (Saturday) I even had a dream that I had baked some sort of dessert and ate some and then felt SO guilty! I was so happy when I woke up and realized it was just a dream! ahhahah

Good luck fighting the beast, you can do it!

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