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Starting February 15


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You only have to stick with it for 30 days. That's not that long. It can be helpful, when you're thinking about off-plan foods that you really like, to phrase it as, "I'm choosing not to have ice cream for 30 days," instead of saying "I can't have ice cream for 30 days." It's a subtle difference, but when you think of it as choosing not to have something, that's empowering. You're making your own decision, it's not something imposed on you. And the truth is, you are choosing -- you're choosing to focus on your health by doing a Whole30. It's also helpful to remember that ice cream is not some rare thing that will only exist for 30 days and then it's gone -- it'll still be there when you're done with your Whole30, and then you can decide to have some, if you want.


The other thing that will really help you stick to this plan is to remember that it is not a diet, and it is not about restriction. You should not ever be hungry. And when you're not hungry, it's that much easier to know that you can withstand any cravings. It's also pretty amazing how when you're truly not hungry, you'll have fewer cravings. Be sure to eat at least the minimum amount from the meal template at each meal. If you're truly hungry between meals, have a mini-meal of protein, fat, and veggies. 


You absolutely can do this. 

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