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Blooming Whole30


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Day -1, possibly -2, maybe even - 6. 


A warm welcome and positive vibes to all the wonderful individuals who are, have, or are starting their Whole30 journey. I have to thank my wonderful roommate for motivating me to start something new.  However, i'm really nervous and a bit jumpy to start my whole30 adventure.


I'm balancing 20 units of pure science base classes and keeping up with all the shenanigans that college life requires. With college and endless turns ups, I have pushed myself to go to the gym and work on a better me. But I've been struggling since last semester with my eating habits. In late December, I began my paleo journey. As much as I enjoy sharing my dino-chow paleolithic lifestyle with others, I haven't been 100% true to it. The word "exception" became part of my daily routine, allowing me to eat certain unpaleo foodzies. It became harder when I was around friends who munched on delicious, greasy, pizza.  Even after going to the gym, embracing the paleo lifestyle, and watching my eating habits, I still stayed in the 140-145 lbs weight. 


Not only do I want to lose weight, but I want to take on a challenge and do it right with no exceptions. I want to provide my body with the love and care that it deserves.


I'm scared to dive into the whole30. However, after seeing my roommate complete it (tomorrow,02.10.15,will be her official 30 day completion), I wanted to join her. As I start my whole 30 challenge, she will continue to do a whole60. 


I can't live without chocolate or pancakes. And i've began to fall in love with my paleo pumpkin & banana pancakes. I fear that the word "exception" will come into play and taunt me each time I hang out with my friends. And the fact that I have morning classes doesn't make it easier. I'm scared I will run towards the oatmeal and take it on the go. Quick and easy. Or the fact that for my

b-day I was giving a titanic jar of whey protein powder( will that be my exception?) I feel terrible that I wont be able to make it part of my lifestyle during the whole30, especially since it was a gift. 


It's small things like these that put me on the edge. 


Either way, I want to take on the challenge. I will do it. I just need a bit more courage. 


Now the question is, whether I start tomorrow or after Valentines Day. Up north where i'm currently studying, there is this delicious restaurant called Pho that I love to splurge on. I'm debating whether to wait until Sunday to start or begin tomorrow. I would like to complete my 30 day challenge before Spring Break. Did I mention that there is this delicious organic home made ice cream in town? Let me just tell you: Honey vanilla lavender ice cream. The agony.


I've already set a goal and i'm excited- to purchase this gorgeous sea foam dress and complete a spring photoshoot. Cheesy, slightly cheesy. But it's a goal. With the addition of restarting my body and preparing it to go into the paleo lifestyle the way it should be, with no exceptions. 


How does anyone conquer the pre-sequel 30 hole-in-the-wall challenge? 



It's only 30 days. 

My exaggeration and constant fear does not make it any better.

And the fact that my genetics midterm is tomorrow does not help my munchies.  





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Thank you Hutlifr for your kind words! I refuse to start again! 





T-minus 5 days till I start the challenge. 


I feel that my stress towards my exam was making the whole30 challenge harder than it should be. 


Today I realized that i'm actually very excited to start the Whole30. I posted on my instagram and now I have no choice but to keep moving forward. Did I mention that I even started a whole30 pinterest board? Things are getting serious. 


Oh, and can't forget how anxious I was to get home and type up my daily log. I will be working on a countdown/goals poster board for inspiration! What helps is that I'm also counting down the days till spring break! I will be taking my first road trip to Oregon. Any must see areas? Paleo food? 


I have decided that this week I will be balancing my studies, gym, and doing extra research to guide me on my journey. I wil go to Winco this Sunday morning and meal prep! I have decided and i'm putting the energy out there. So no buts about anything. 


It feels as if I'm going to Walt Disney World this Sunday. But truly, i'm just starting my whole30! Ho-rah! 


A few of my goals that will be associated with completing my whole30 are: 


-Maintaining a 85-90% standing in all of my classes before spring break.

-Be more humble.

-Attain 7-8 hours of sleep.

-Prepare myself for a spring photoshoot in a drop dead sea foam, maybe off white, dress. ( i've been dying to do one of these). 

-Become grounded

-Be healthier. 


Tick tock tick tock.... Back to research! 


Positive vibes & love send your way. 

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T-minus 4 days till armageddon.


Just kidding!


Nothing much to report but one of my good friends from back home will be joining me this Sunday on the Whole30 challenge!

I don't recall this, but he stated that a few years ago he asked for my help with it when he was considering of doing it and I let him down BIGGG TIME.

I quote "I love my sugar! Unless you want me to die I'm not agreeing to this!" I was a bit close minded back then and wasn't into a very healthy lifestyle. Walking was the best cardio I ever did back then. That included power walking to the other side of campus when I only had 10 minutes in between classes. Mhm Hmm! 


But that was then and this is now. 


Still doing research on the subject and my roomie & I will be going halfsies on the cost for "It Started With Food". She's ordering it tonight! 

I'm really excited to start reading it. 


Until then, my primal fiesty self will try to master paleo peppermint patties for this Saturday's "50 shades of love, DIY presents, and hoping to get some loving by midnight if I make my partner smile" day! 


Till tomorrow! 

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Day 1! 


And so the journey begins! 

i woke up this morning feeling excited and still am. 

I didn't have breakfast but I did have brunch. I woke up a bit late, got carried away with post valentines fun, and had to run to the marketplace to get some chicken breast! 

For brunch I had cauliflower rice, chili, and veggies on the side. Yum. 


My roomie & I have been meal prepping for the week! We currently have: chicken breast in the slow cooker, (making pull chicken!), zucchini pasta done, and a big container full of chopped sweet potatoes. We still need to make cauliflower rice and Spanish cauliflower rice!


Oh, but it doesn't end there. My roomie already made chili and chicken salad. I'm currently boiling up some water to make peppermint tea for on the go.  


Photos will follow soon! 


Day 1 almost completed. 29 days to go & 27 more days till Spring Break! 

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Thank you so much Kmlynne! We are both excited!


Day 2 almost done!



For breakfast I had a delicious omelet, 3 egg whites and 1 egg yolk, 1 tomato, and a handful of pull chicken. No photo was taken since I was running around getting ready for school that I forgot.


For an in between snack I had a mason jar of chopped strawberries and 1 pear.


For lunch I had a zucchini pasta, chicken salad, and chopped sweet potatoes! I was munching on my lunch in between classes since Monday I have back to back classes. 


For dinner I had a big salad full of pull chicken breast, broccoli, sweet potato, and balsamic. 


Choice of beverage: Green tea, water, and peppermint tea!


I'm ending the evening with plenty of water and physics.


I'm still trying to figure out how to add photos on this thing. But rest assure I will find out how! 

I've tried coping the URL & copy and pasting it into the image option but it tells me that it's not allowed. Oh goodness! 



Either way, Day 2 has been great so far. Just been feeling a bit tiered, restless, and stressed. But after a small nap I feel rejuvenated!


Oh & did i mention that "It starts with Food" arrived today? I'll start reading it tomorrow! The scientist in me wants to know the science behind all this! 


Until tomorrow! <3 

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Day 3:


The hell. 

It's girl scout season & I let my anger get the best of me. Cursed a little here and there. 

Said a few things like "Who the hell is the whole30 to tell me not to eat chocolate?" or "This is my damn body. I only live once. I deserve that peppermint chocolate cookie" or "F*ck this. I'm done" 


My roomie couldn't stop laughing at my remarks and sudden burst of anger. 


After 30 minutes of yoga and giggles on epic fail hand stands, I calmed down. I realized what a big deal I made over a damn cookie. 

This motivated me to keep going and end the day on a good note.

However, i'm still not pleased. Not fully anyways. 


For breakfast I had a delicious omelet with chicken, tomatoes, and avocado. Omelets have been my best friend for breakfast. 

In between snack, I had a banana & some raw almond butter. 

For lunch I had a zucchini pasta with chicken salad and broccoli. . 

In between snack I had my own personal stash of trail mix (goji berries, raisons, almonds, sunflower seeds, & pumpkin seeds). 

For Dinner I made whole 30 approve chicken lime soup! 


I made a new friend at the Co-Op marketplace when I was in search for whole 30 chicken broth. I did read upon the Imagine brand's chicken broth, < 1gram? Really? Yet, it's not labeled on the ingredients...mhm. I went with Pacifico. It was a bit pricey but well worth it. The soup was divine. I added cauliflower rice for thickness. 


No evening snack for this gal, just plain water.


Overall today has been a series of ups and downs, positives and negatives (those damn girl scout cookies). 


On to Day 4. 



P.S. Breaking out more than usual doesn't aid my mood. Any body else experience this problem too?

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Sounds like outhit Kill.All.Things and an attack of the sugar dragon at the same time. :(. I struggled with it on my first w30. My only advise (take it or leave it) is to watch the fruit (fresh or dried) and snacking. Eat fruit with a meal of you can. Fruit is still a source of sugar even tho it is natural. When it is on its own. You are mimicking that cookie fix. If you are hungry between meals, have a mini meal: small serving of protein, fat and veg. For example, have a boiled egg and some raw veg. This is easily portable and eaten on the run.

On the breakout, although mine clears a lot during w30, I still have trouble around that time of the month or if I start hitting the nuts and seeds too much. Give it time :)

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Lovely Kmlynne,


Your advise is always a warm welcome. I haven't had time to start reading "It Started with Food", damn midterms. So i've been going off instinct and assuming that a sugar free applesauce is a healthy snack for the past two days after 2 1/2 hours of having dinner. I will start preparing boiled eggs tonight and see how it goes tomorrow for in between snacks and celery with almond butter! I'm still struggling with the acceptance of no sugar in my life. I honestly don't want to start all over so my tantrums will have to surpass. 


Thank you a bunch! Good vibes send your way!





Day 4:


Almost there. 

26 more days left to go, 24 days till Spring Break, & Day 2 of practicing my handstand ( did I mention that I want to attempt to do a handstand or at least get close to doing one by the end of my whole30? Yup. The bar is set high)



Breakfast: Had another omelet, same recipe as the past few days. Tomorrow I'll go purchase some sausages and switch the chicken with that! 

Had some fruit in between-strawberries.

Lunch: Had leftover chicken lime soup with cauliflower rice! 

Dinner: Had an amazing chicken & chilli salad with broccoli on the side!


Choice of beverages throughout the day: water, green tea, and more water. 



Taking it one step at a damn time. 

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