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I know this is about transforming oneself into a person more desirable.  And that desired person is not going to exist for merely one day, say day 31 then go back to day -1.  This is about, in my mind, a long-term, action-principle-value based determination to be simply, “better” no matter how I define “better.”  

At the onset I sat down with myself and asked “what do I value in my life?” and “how can I use the Whole 30 to reinforce those values through my actions and therefore in the process strengthen my principles?”  The expected outcome: “to be better.”  I know that sounds rather pedestrian but it works for me.

I had to determine which principles I was going to focus upon and strengthen so that my actions do nothing but create a stronger bond to my values.  I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.  As I said, I think the Whole30 is transformational and along with any transformation there is pain.  Not bad pain, just good old fashioned pain.

I’m now in day 23 and am looking forward to the next 14,007. 


I love to drink alcohol (especially beer), well, I use to think that I loved to drink alcohol (I haven’t had any alcohol thus far BTW.)  I thought this would be the most painful part of the project, and it has been.  

I’ve deliberately put myself in challenging predicaments over the last three weeks.  I figured, what the hell, it's going to be there on day 31, might as well have it here throughout.  So I’ve eaten out, gone to house parties, gone to the bar, been to sporting events, and I’ve kept alcohol readily at hand in my house.  Hell, I was even a “waiter" at a hotel lobby bar for a few rounds!  NOW THAT WAS TOUGH!  :blink:

My cues, at first, were wide and deep (but they’re getting narrower and shallower with each passing "pain" and day.) I soon realized that they are merely cues.  And with each cue there is pain (again, not bad pain, just good old fashioned pain.)  But afterwards when I got past that stimulation (read:pain) without succumbing to it, I became “better.”  My principles became stronger, more reinforced.

I didn’t realize that I truly value clear thought, abundant energy and focused action until about day 8.  (Probably because it took that long for me to detox.)  I can’t get any of those things if I’m either boozed up or hungover.  The action step was easy to determine: “don’t drink alcohol.”  The value was enormously, well, “valuable” but as I said I didn’t realize it’s value for over a week into the Whole 30.  But it takes a lot of determination to make it so.

My strength came from realizing what my principles are: I can be a better dad by doing this.  I can be a better husband by doing this.  I can be a better neighbor by doing this.  I can be a better friend, brother, uncle, cousin by doing this.  I can be a better businessman by doing this.  And by doing this I can be all of those things for a lot longer!

So, for me, it was alcohol.  Whatever it is for you, sugar, bread, soy, carbohydrates... I hope this gives you a different perspective and helps you get past your pain points.  The Whole 30 (like pimpin’) ain’t easy, but, I think, it’s principally valuable.


What do you find valuable and what principles are you strengthening through your actions?

Good luck.

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The Whole 30 is what it looks like to pass up immediate gratification for long term satisfaction.   


To make the minute by minute_meal by meal_ mile by mile choices that will eventually add up to success.  This is what it looks like to be fit and healthy.


Nobody may lavish you with praise or notice all of the quiet sacrifices you are making...but with each passing day you become stronger.


The Whole 30 will help you find the balance between immediate visceral pleasure and the mental peace that comes from moving towards long term goals.   Other people may thrive on the free wheeling approach to eating,  I do not.


I really appreciate the lack of mental drama surrounding food.

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