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And. . . Changes


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Holy cow.  Who knew what a difference 30 days can make in a life.


I started the Whole30 because I got a stomach bug on Oct. 26 that hadn't gone away by Christmas.  My dr. recommended an elimination diet.  After researching that and comparing information to the Whole30 I decided to go with the Whole30 because I appreciated the support system and accountability.


Hard Results:

  • Stomach issues resolved
  • Didn't one count calories, or measure portions - just ate real, whole food.
  • 4.5 pounds lost
  • 2" gone from chest
  • 2" gone from waist
  • 1.8" gone from hips
  • 1.2" gone from thighs


Soft Results:

  • I rediscovered how much I love cooking
  • I found joy in eating real food
  • I found even more joy in cooking real food for my husband and watching him enjoy it
  • My husband thanked me for doing the Whole30 because, "It brought such good food and more flavor into our lives."
  • I learned that the majority of my snacks at work are out of boredom and that getting up and making some tea and chatting with a couple of coworkers fills that void nicely
  • I don't really miss the foods I didn't eat this past month, I rarely felt deprived because I wasn't eating what other people were eating
  • My hair is shinier
  • My body is firmer
  • It feels good to be in my body
  • I like the people around me more
  • My husband tells me I'm more loving
  • My friends and family were delightfully supportive and helpful - my mom even made a compliant meal for me with much texting before hand to see what I could and couldn't eat
  • I feel happier and more content in general
  • I really love the even energy throughout the day rather than the sugar-induced spikes
  • I'm sleeping better and dreaming more
  • I did yoga 16 out of the 30 days - this is a record for me
  • I feel more capable 
  • I feel more confident in my ability to follow through on commitments - after all I did this for 30 days!  I said I was going to and I did
  • I've been able to treat my husband by being his sober driver on brewery tour days
  • My husband went from being non-supportive (my second day in he stopped at the grocery store to get himself some dinner - fried chicken and beer) to telling me he feels better when he eats more like I do and that he's been really impressed to see the changes I've gone through in the last month.

Going forward I will continue to eat along the guidelines of the Whole30.  Real meals with whole food. 


I may choose to have a glass of wine or a beer now, and I may not.  I've learned that I'm better off listening to what I want rather than what I think I should have because everyone around me is eating/drinking/whatever.


Thank you Whole30 - for the community, for the support, for the motivation and the accountability.  I am a healthier person for this.



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